Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Day

Did your day meet your expectations? Ours did. While we spent almost 8 hours on the road to spend about 6 or so hours with my extended family it was a good day.

We were with family. We shared presents, food and conversation. Boy Child broadened his tastes by trying seafood and discovering that he likes Balmain Bugs. He'd drowned the oyster in so much lemon juice that was all he could taste when he tried it. He wasn't that impressed by prawns. I think his 'it was alright' comment really means I'd eat them if I had to but I could be wrong.

As usual, we had a hot lunch of turkey, ham and pork. And vegetables of course. This year it was followed by pavlova nests and brandy snap baskets with berries and cream, cheesecake and a mango version of tiramisu for dessert. There were also gingerbread men ice cream sandwiches as dessert for the children.

Most of the children in my extended family are girls so Girl Child had lots of people to play with. The dolls she got for Christmas were a big hit. Actually all the presents seemed to be well received. Lots of fun was had playing with them.

How was your day? I hope it was stress free.

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