Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thankful Thursday, 16 Feb 2012

I figure after last nights post I should join in with Kate for Thankful Thursday. Here we go.  Short and hopefully to the point.


I'm thankful that I have not attended any funerals in quite a while.

I'm thankful that Dr T is back and while not exactly well, is healthy enough to be working a little.

I'm thankful that I have a husband who loves me despite my neuroses. One who will take time off work to sit with me in an appointment just in case I need him.

Finally, I am extremely thankful that my life is considerably less complicated than some other people I have spoken to today.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


People think of February and many think of Valentine's Day.  Me? I think of grief.

This week has been no exception. I know 3 people who attended different funerals this week. Nobody I know died, so I have been lucky enough to not have to attend a funeral myself. Instead, I have organised a few people to meet up to ensure a friend had something to do on the second anniversary of her mothers death. For her February 2010 sucked. She had two family members die in less than a week. One expected, one not - both painful and heart breaking.

Even though I have coffee with her most weeks, my friend W will have a rough week or so soon. We will probably catch up more than once as she has her birthday, the fourth anniversary of her husbands death and what would have been his birthday.  Sometimes it feels as though that time has frozen and that that family hasn't moved on. I'm not really sure but then again, is it any of my business? People grieve differently.

I am an example. It's been five years since my mother died, almost 13 since my dad died.One expected, one not. I spoke at both funerals. Last year, I spent Christmas day in my pajamas. When someone asked me why I replied off handedly "because you can do that when your parents are dead and your in laws don't care." Just because I can joke about it and don't talk about the dates my parents died doesn't mean I don't care. 

I grieve, not overtly, but quietly. I don't go to the cremetorium to acknowledge their birthdays or date of death. As I said, people grieve differently. It doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt. It just means I might be better at compartmentalising my life.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thankful Thursday 9 Feb 2012

I’m joining in with Kate Says Stuff for Thankful Thursday


I am thankful for school starting again!  Yes I am one of those parents who struggles with the Christmas school holidays.  The 6 weeks seems to drag for me. I work at home and my work doesn’t stop during the holidays so I feel like I am constantly saying “I’m working right now and I’ll and see / play with you / feed you soon”.

I am thankful that  Girl Child has gotten ready for school relatively quickly so far and we have been on time for school. It could have been close this morning as she didn't actually get up until 8.20.

I am thankful that Boy Child is doing well and seems to be coping okay even though he doesn't have a single teacher from last year (except for roll group which is 5 minutes every morning).  For a child with Aspergers he is coping with the changes remarkably well.

I am thankful that we are doing fine while Mr E is away in Sydney this week. Last week, the kids and I went to the coast  for 3 days and let’s just say that I was not a very calm mother while we were away.  I was afraid that this week would be similar but it’s going well – so much better than I hoped.

I’m grateful that Dr Jesse gave me a med that helps my head. Due to an issue at the chemist I have been unable to have it for 3 days. While i am much better than last year, I can feel the lack of the migraine med.  Hopefully I will get a new prescription today (it takes 2 days) because I took the last one I had on Monday

I am especially thankful that the volunteer webmaster role that I took on (sort of by accident) is not trying my patience as much.  There is still more work than I expected but I’m coping better with it. 

I think I might be getting my motivation to blog back too! That’s another thing for me to be thankful for.

What are you thankful for? Why not join in over at Kate Says Stuff?


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