Thursday, 6 December 2012

Day 6 of NaBloPoMo December 2012

Well so far I have managed to post every day. Of course Mr E.'s prediction that I would be up posting at 1130 pm seems to be coming true today.

I didn't manage to celebrate completing my course with a Strongbow (or any type of alcohol for that matter). But that's okay. I rarely drink anyway. In fact I'm going out with some friends next week and I'm likely to be the designated driver.

So far I have minimal Christmas spirit. It seems that our neighbours are really into Christmas and have lights all over their houses. Girl Child wants us to put up lights but as our house is set back from the road nobody would see them even if we did. Of course the next priority for her is to get the tree up. Pity that I established the trading of having shortbread and / or fruit mince pies while that is going on. It really means I need to do some cooking unless I am lucky enough to find some Gluten Free Christmas food around. I know I can often get GF shortbread in the supermarket so I may just take the easy way out and going looking tomorrow. In previous years, I've found mince pies in health food shops but they are generally around $12 for 4. Since I've found GF pastry (also $12 for 4 sheets - there seems to be a theme here) I may cheat and use that this year.

If anyone as some spare Christmas spirit, can you send some my way? Thanks.

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Sarah said...

I could do with a little myself E - thinking about putting decorations up is as far as I've got so far, it just seems like hard work (although I do love it when it's done).

Hope you have a lovely evening with your friends and manage to celebrate finishing your course in style!


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