Monday, 3 December 2012

What is it about December?

This is the second year in a row that Mr E's vehicle has decided to give up the ghost (where on earth did that saying come from?) in December. Thankfully Mr E. noticed the issue and took it in to checked out before it died in the middle of an intersection in Sydney which is what happened last year. This time around it is costing over $4,000 to fix. Last years effort was around $3,000 and then the hot water tank died as well. Thankfully, it is highly unlikely that the hot water tank will need replacing again but we do have another issue, a sick bunny.

Our bunnies A and B.

A is the albino and 6 years old. He is currently suffering from Head Tilt. Which basically means that heis having issues standing up and keeping his head straight. So far A is okay but has an injection of anti- inflammatories and is on 2 different antibiotics twice daily. Of course so far A's vet stuff has been cheaper than Smiley Dog's surgery in 2009. But as he needs to go back every few days that I'm sure his costs will mount up quite quickly. We are not sure of his long term prognosis but he is still happy but missing his sister. They have to be separated for the moment until he more stable on his feet.
I think December really just means haemorrhaging money for us. I'm glad we have what i always used to refer to as running away money. How is your December shaping up?


Anonymous said...

Hi E,

I hope A recovers quickly :(
My car has just decided to also 'give up the ghost'(im going to look up the history on that one)with some gearbox problems... I don't know what the damage will be yet - these things do always seem to happen in december don't they!?

take care,

E. said...

December seems to cost a lot but some of that is Christmas.

Suzi, I hope your car can be fixed (and cheaply).


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