Friday, 25 February 2011

My WGS pack has arrived

So to go with my vibrant coloured hair I have an Official Receipt Book and a donation box.

Donation box

Plus, I have organised to have the Shave done at Girl Child’s School Assembly on 11 March 2011.  Another parent from school will be having their head shaved as well so thankfully I won’t be sitting up on stage by myself .

Some very generous people have already sponsored me for $342.00!  Plus people have offered to do blog posts on my hair and the Great Shave.  So to all of you I say a huge Thank you!

I was having coffee this morning with my friend W.  Her dad was diagnosed with Leukaemia in April 2010 and was basically given 12 months to live.  He became part of a trial for a new drug and all signs are positive.  There is a chance that he may go into remission.  And that my friends, is  a huge reason why I’m doing this.  Also to remember Baby T and Miss S, and to because Dr T is currently going through treatment.

With many people staring at my multi-coloured hair, I hope that it will start a conversation about why I’ve done it and why I will be shaving my head.  In the future, perhaps less people be colouring and shaving in memory of people who have died.  I’m sure it will be a long time coming but every little bit helps.

So once again, here is my Profile Page.  You can sponsor me by clicking the link.


I’m linking this to FlogYoBlog Friday, because I really want to be a cool kid! This week’s FlogYoBlog Friday is  being hosted by Glowless from Where is my glow? You can click on the button to check it out!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I’m multi-coloured

Yes, the hair colouring is now  complete. 

After yesterday's bleaching, today's exercise consisted of applying streaks in red, blue and pink.  I must say I like this much better than the blonde.  Probably because the blonde was so stark and such a huge change to my normal hair colour.

So without further ado I give you the multi-coloured me:


Just after it was done.


Once it was dry -The side


The back

So what do you think?  I never rebelled as a teenager so maybe that explains it.

I’m not going to be doing anything else with my colourful hair now until shaving day. 

Thank you for your support of me and the World’s Greatest Shave through your donations, posts and comments.  Please keep them coming. 


P.S. While I am on harping on about my hair and the Leukaemia Foundation I haven’t forgotten the people of New Zealand and the earthquake which happened yesterday in Christchurch.  I am also thinking of those injured, missing and those have have lost loved ones.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I’ve gone blonde

Today, was the day I was going to dye my hair.  I was about to start when I spoke to a friend and volunteered to do it for me!  Hurray!  I was more than a little worried how I would manage to do it myself.  And so I should have been.  J is a former hairdresser and she had to bleach my hair twice.

I started with brown hair: After the first bleach I ended up with rather orange / yellow hair:


Another dye job and some toner and I had this:


Now it’s dry it is like this:


Not quite white blonde but pretty clos and a huge change which is quite freaky when I look in a mirror.  It took 2.5 hours to get to this.  I’m so glad that J helped did it for me.

Tomorrow I go back and get the colours put in.  Probably only as streaks rather than blocks of colour but we shall see.  Mr E. will want me to get the colours of the football team he supports done but that is very unlikely to happen.  After all what football team have bleu, red and Pink?  If we mix the the colours we can have purple too.  So hopefully tomorrow it will be done and then it’s multi-coloured hair until the big shave around 11 March 2011. 

Thank you for all the positive comments and the sponsorship.  If you feel the need to sponsor me this is the link:  and of course I’ll be more than happy if you want to mention me in a post too!  Smile

Oh Langsdown, if I can do it, you can go blonde too!

Monday, 21 February 2011

I have signed up!

Yes, I have done it.  I have a Page on the Leukaemia Foundations website and I have bought the hair stuff so it’s all go.  Once I have a meeting with Boy Child’s school tomorrow I will be bleaching and then colouring my hair.  I have got red, blue and due to popular demand pink.  The last time I tired to dye my hair at home it accidently turned green so we will see how this goes.  Once the colouring is done I will put up some photos and come March 11 or so I will have my head shaved.

Here’s a taste of what it looked like 3 years ago:


I did have hair touching the bottom of my shoulder blades about 30 minutes before this shot.  So this was a bit of a shock to the system.  The spots are just spray on colour that I had done afterward. 

This year I am both colouring and shaving in memory of Baby T. (2009) and Miss S (2011).  I am also doing it to raise money for Dr T and Mr L.  One is currently going through treatment and the other has just finished.

So if you would like to sponsor me and support the Leukaemia Foundation’s World's Greatest Shave this year. You can  sponsor me by making an online donation using a credit card.

You can take a look at my profile page and sponsor me by clicking here.

I’m aiming to raise as much as I can for the Leukaemia Foundation. Their vital work provides patients with practical support during their long and tough treatment, as well as funding important research.

Did you know?

- Every hour of every day, at least one person in Australia is diagnosed with leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma.

- Every two hours, someone loses their life to blood cancer.

- $26 can provide emotional support to help someone overcome the shock of being diagnosed

- $40 can help improve treatments and find cures by funding a PhD student's laboratory costs for a day

- $57 can support patients who are too ill to drive by providing a day's transport to and from treatment

- $80 can give a regional family who've had to move closer to treatment, a place to call home for a night

For more information about the Leukaemia Foundation visit their website:

Thank you for your support!


A big shout out goes to Langdowns from Deep Fried Fruit who mentioned me and her friend Alisha who will also be shaving her head this year.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Opinions please,

What colour/s should I dye my hair?

I haven’t signed up for the World’s Greatest Shave as yet but I’m planning on it.  But I thought that I would also dye my hair for the few weeks before I shave it.  So what colour/s do you think I should go?  It’s currently collar length and medium brown.  But I thought I might bleach it and then dye it a bright or maybe colours. After all, if I damage it it’s going to be shaved to a number 1 or 2 anyway.

Any thoughts?


Pic from:

I think this is going a bit too far!  So it’s not going to happen!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Guest posting gig

Guess what?  I have guest posted today over at My Reflections.  Check out Priya’s blog and say hi while you are there.  She is running a series called Love Bytes during February.  So drop by and Spread the Love! 

Yes, I do think I’m funny!

mwah lips

Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine’s Day

Image Found on We Heart It

We don’t do Valentine's Day in our family.  Actually, we do say Happy Valentine's Day but we don’t go for the dinner, flowers, chocolates and slinky lingerie which are all advertised in the weeks leading up to February 14.  The commercialism isn’t something that we buy into. It wasn't always like this.

One Valentine’s Day in the long distant past (I believe it was 1994) Mr E. had Valentine’s Day gift delivered to me at work. It was a big white bear, on a cane chair with a red rose. That was our first Valentine’s Day together. I named the bear Lewis.  Sometimes Girl Child sleeps with him.

Another year, pre children, we had planned on going out to dinner but hadn’t made a reservation anywhere as we didn't know what time Mr E would be getting home from work. It was one of those I need to do X, Y and Z days but if one little thing went wrong the whole thing would blow out.  As it happened that little thing (or maybe it was things) went wrong and he arrived home at 3 am. He felt so bad. For a while there he was ringing and giving me updates every 30 to 60 minutes on what was going on.  I think it was about 8.30 or 9 when we decided dinner was not happening and I went to bed not long after. 

I think that was the beginning of the end of our Valentine Day celebrations. We loved each other and we knew it.  We don’t need romance forced on us because it’s a particular date.  As I said to Girl Child recently:

You tell the people you love that you love them every day, you don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day to do it.

That’s my philosophy.  Of course, maybe it’s because Mr E is interstate this week and we have no chance for romance.  But then again it may related to the 14 February a few years back when I was bolting down the corridor in a hospital and made it to the room in time to see someone take their last breaths.  That was so NOT a good Valentine's Day, but I don’t think it has tainted me.

I really think it is just my philosophy.  What’s the point of all this pressure about one day?  I’m not going to love Mr E more today than I do tomorrow just because the date has changed.

So, babe, this is for you:

Image Found on We Heart It


Some days, I even love you more than chocolate!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

I’m grateful

I thought that I would join in with Maxabella from Maxabella Loves and post about some of the things I am grateful for.
Grateful button

    • School going back!
    • The chocolate I had before school went back.
    • Coffee. I had 6 coffee dates with people (7 cups of coffee) over 5 days.  I don’t think I was the only person who was very grateful school has gone back.
    • The High School’s dealing of the issue Boy Child had. It turns out that the biter freely admitted their actions, Boy Child was completely in the clear and the other child got detention. To me, the best things were that the school informed me of the outcome and also told Boy Child that I was right to be worried and it was appropriate to let them know.
    • The weekend. It seems that this week has been very tiring for us all.  I am so very grateful for the weekend, the option to have a sleep in and hopefully relax.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

It’s been a big few days here

I’m sorry I published such a heavy blog post and have not been back to post again.  We went a away for a few days and then the gearing up for school to start occurred.  So it was a lovely relaxing few days followed by a couple of days of frenetic worrying on my part.

Let’s set the scene shall we?  Boy Child started High school and not at the local one 10 minutes amble away.  No, Mr E and I choose the school we believed would be best for him.  He did NOT appreciate our parenting choices.  He wanted to go to the local school where ALL his friends (aka people who have known him for years! and some kids I’d consider his friends) were going and he could walk, not catch a bus. etc., etc.  These conversation had been occurring on and off since we found out he had been accepted. There had also been the discussion between him and a friend where they decided that Boy Child could get himself expelled from our choice and school and then we would allow him to attend the local high school. Um, no, not happening mate.  You get yourself expelled and you are enrolled in the private Christian school, which would be a huge blow to him – he doesn't believe in God, thinks religion is ‘stupid’ and they have a uniform which includes a blazer and tie!

So to say I was concerned on the first day was an understatement.  I was asking people how much chocolate would be considered appropriate in the situation. The answer from more than one person was at least a block was allowable.  So given that I apparently had free range on the chocolate stakes, we had a big block of Caramello between the four of us over two days.

But it appeared that all my worrying and stressing had been in vain.  He is actually really happy at his school. Of course so far it’s been all 7 classes squished into a day but the 5 classes of an hour in length apparently start today. He is finding his way to 7 different classrooms in different parts of the school. He has meet people and is calling them friends.  He has managed to catch the bus and get on and off at the correct stops.  So far, Fan-Bloody-Tastic in my view.  A much better start than I anticipated. He has even said that he is glad we choose the High School we did and NOT the local High School.

Girl Child started in Year 2 (third year of formal schooling here) and has the teacher she wanted and some nice children she knows in her class.  She seems okay and has managed to get ready ON TIME everyday. This is something we need to celebrate.  Also the Exec teacher I spoke to about my issue with the school last year has spoken to me even day so far to see how Girl child is going.  That makes me feel nice and I’m glad she was the person I approached.  Girl is happy and that’s what matters at the moment. I just hope that academically she is this year goes well. 

Boy Child has also started attending a Jazz Troupe class at dance.  He is trialling it to see how he goes.  I’m very impressed  as he was invited to join the class even though he has never studied jazz (only hip hop and only for the last 2 years) .  If it works out he will be performing in eisteddfods in the open age class.

So there have been lots of positives but also a few negatives. Remember this post where I was worried about Dr T as he was going away? Well I haven’t heard anything about his treatment but we also knew an 8 year old who was also going to have the same treatment pretty much in the same time period.  Her funeral was today.  While we were away I got a message form someone about it.  It’s really weird because we actually knew this child through two places (day care and dance) but haven’t been close to the family.  I didn’t go to the funeral but I’m really struggling with this young life lost.

Before she died I was thinking of participating in the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave and now I am seriously considering it but am not sure if I should mention it to this little girls mother or not?  What do you think?  Would you sponsor me?  I have participated once before 3 years ago and back then my hair touched the bottom of my shoulder blades.  This time around it barely touches my collar as I have kept it short.  Should I do it? 

Also Boy Child come home today with scratch marks up his arm and a bite mark.  Yes, he was bitten by a kid at school!  How many Year 7’s still bite?  I’m still trying to get to the bottom of the story and I hope that Boy Child didn’t start the incident. So much for the great start to school.  At least he hasn’t been put off by this.

So did you miss me?  Did you get to the end of this LONG post?  I had almost 300 posts to catch up on when we got home and now I have another 100.  I apologise for not commenting but I am reading.


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