Sunday, 2 December 2012

You were very productive in my absence

I knew that I hadn't read any blogs for a while and thought I would have to mark things as read but I wasn't really prepared that there would be 778 unread items in my blog reader. Unless I sat down to read for a entire day I probably wouldn't get them all read. So I'm reading some but deleting more. I hope I don't miss the major going ons in your lives.

If someone wants to let me know the major things that have happened in the blogging world I will be very grateful. I almost missed the fact that Eden went to India for / with Worldvision. Yes, it would have bad to miss that but I haven't really been on Twitter either. If it hadn't been for writing assignments and submitting some of them on line I would have thought I'd been on a digital detox. Yes, there is such a thing but I can't see it in my foreseeable future.

Day 2 of NaNoBloPo and I'm still posting. Take that, Mr E. he suggested tha I would be up and posting after 11:30 pm for all of December. I've beaten that by almost 30 minutes. Go, me!


Sarah said...

It's a bugger isn't it - you go and powder your nose and the bloody world and his wife keep chucking stuff out.

Pretty sure I havn't posted anything earth shattering for you to have missed (nuthin new there then ;).

Good luck with NaNoBloMo - I did it last November, damn near killed me (but I made some lovely new friends :) x

Anna said...

Welcome back! Look forward to reading your posts this month!

E. said...

Thanks. I really missed reading about everyone's lives. Hopefully I won't bore everyone this month.


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