Wednesday, 12 December 2012


I took A (our boy bunny) to the vet today. While he is eating and drinking on his own, he isn't out of the woods yet. He played dead most of the time while he was there. Thankfully I had recorded him running around yesterday on my phone so the vet could see. Because of his head tilt he has damaged the cornea of the eye that is facing the ground. So he needs eyedrops twice a day to hopefully fix that.

Despite me calling and leaving to messages on Friday A's vet didn't get either of them. So in answer to the questions I had asked, Yes he needs to stay on one of the antibiotics he was on and he will need that morning and night for about four weeks. He doesn't need the other antibiotic again unless his condition worsens. He needs to be seen by the vet every week to ensure he is improving (or at least not going backwards).

However, if he hasn't made visible progress at each appointment then he may be better off being put down. Unfortunately, that is still hanging over his head. He looks so much better though.

Last Tuesday
Today after the vet
In other news I have a day of work next week at the school where I did my prac. I'm excited but a little scared too. Thankfully I know the teacher I'll be working with and I spent two days in that class so I already know the children.

I bought some shortbread today. Girl Child took it upon herself to decorate the tree. I knew it was small but it is only just over a metre even with the star on top.

Christmas spirit seems to have landed. It may be because of the tree but I'd bet it was because of the shortbread and chocolate coated almonds.


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