Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Post It Note Tuesday # 7

Yes it is that time again. So without further ado I present you with today’s post its!

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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Operation Anniversary – Update 1

It’s 4 weeks and 1 day since Operation Anniversary started. I haven't really mentioned how I am going on Op Anniversary.  Probably because for a while there I was going nowhere fast! 

However, last week / weekend have actually started back on the exercise track.  I was on the treadmill 4 times in 5 days.  Walking along at 5 to 6 kph generally for 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, I haven't done that since Monday.  And healthy food options have gone out the window this week.  I guess finding out that Domino’s now have Gluten Free Pizza was probably my downfall.  I ordered and ate my first Pizza Chain pizza for the first time in almost 15 years!  And then had it again for the dinner the following night as well.  Plus today was a lunch out and even though I really truly had limited space I still ate ordered and ate desert.  But tonight will be cereal or toast for me.

This  week I bought a set of scales that have show you your percentage of body fat, Hydration level, BMI etc.  According to the new scales I weigh 1kg more than I did a month ago and have a body fat percentage 0f 35.1%.  Eeekk! What a wakeup call that is!

All I can say is I need to get motivated again! 

I have felt odd this last week and my head seems to be all over the place.  I didn't even read blogs for a few days there! Normally I do it every day sometimes a few times a day.  I came in once to find 108 blog posts to read and a few days later there were 88.  So I’m sorry If I have missed anyone’s big events, I have just skimmed most of the blogs.

So….. plan of attack:

Treadmill this evening and at least 3 other days this week;

No more going out and if I do no more desert! I know it’s the rarity factor, but I’m an adult and can make better choices;

And finally: I will be listening to the weight loss hypnotherapy / motivational CDs everyday….which I didn’t do at all last week.

Wish me luck!

Oh and I'm joining Lucy's Bloghop.


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Monday, 14 June 2010

Today I suck…

Yep.  It’s not Autism that sucks rocks in our family today,  it is me.

I’m not sure I’m going to leave this post up.  It makes me feel bad about myself as a mother and a person.  I feel judgemental. But I needed to get it out and now it’s out I feel so stupid. Maybe it just because today would be my mother’s birthday, maybe it’s because we have this discussion about apologies a lot.  Please don’t be too harsh.  I know I screwed up.

Let me set the scene.  Out at a cafe for lunch.  Mr E. goes off to a camera store to check some things out.  He is gone a long time.  Girl Child and Boy Child are both getting grumpy.  The bread we ordered comes some parmesan and onion and some garlic.  Boy Child will only eat the Garlic.  Girl Child eats a piece of parmesan and onion while Boy Child eats a garlic piece. Then it happens.  Girl Child grabs the only other piece of Garlic bread. Normally there are 3 of each but some reason today there are only 2 garlic pieces.

Boy Child will not eat the parmesan bread. He wants the piece of Garlic bread.  Girl Child won’t give it up.  I suggest they that share.  They both refuse.  At this point things get heated.  Apparently she says Nah, nah at him and in retaliation he shoves her, hard.  I take his DS off him.  And tell him he can have it back when he apologises to his sister. 

Mr E. wanders in with a new video camera.  Asks what is going on and proceeds to play with his new toy. I explain and again ask Boy Child to apologise.

“I’m asking you to apologise to your sister or you can’t have your DS back.”

“What’s the point of saying sorry?  It’s not like I’ll mean it.  Nobody means it when they say sorry!”

And so it went on.  I cried and went for a walk around the block.  Very adult of me.  But wait it gets worse.

When I get back Mr E. asks how I am.  I’m still angry and upset and I say:

“I just wanted him to say Sorry.  I don’t want to have raised a sociopath.” *

WT?  How the hell could I say that? And in front of him? Boy child is angry and crying.  I start to cry again.

What a mess! I’m supposed to be the adult.   I’m the one who sucks today, not Autism!

I apologised to him, he apologised to his sister and got his DS back.  We all had an okay lunch. But I still feel like absolute garbage. 

*I meant sociopath like antisocial behaviour NOT like serial killers etc who I would consider are psychopaths.  Of course that differentiation isn't there when you are 11.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Issues of trust: over protective?

Today’s post maybe a Deep and Meaningful one, or it may be a whine at the world, instead of just at Mr E – for which I’m sure he will be grateful. Let’s just see where my very random thoughts take us, shall we?  Comfy? Got a cuppa? Okay, let’s begin.

I have issues with trust.  I’m not good at trusting people. As a child my trust was at times ripped into pieces and stomped on (no violins playing here just stating facts) so I have issues.  Then I have had friend/s seemingly turn on me for no apparent reason – well it wasn't apparent to me anyway. This reinforced my trust (lack of trust, really) issues.

Oh, have I mentioned I’m  extremely fairly protective of my children?  Now those who read my post here would know I was upset about Boy Child coming home in the dark from a friends house.  So you probably worked out that I’m protective.

I have spoken to a few people who know all those involved.  They think that Boy Child probably insisted on scooting home by himself .  Yes, I understand that is probably what happened.  He can be strong willed (must take after Mr E. there, surely) but he is also 11 years old.  So in these discussions, the general consensus is that a phone call should have been made to say he is refusing the lift and is coming by himself.
What has the upshot of this dilemma been?  He hasn't be banned from going to his friends place or going to deliver the brochures but he must be home before dark.  And the next time he went there I made a point of picking him up. 

Boy Child thinks I’m completely overprotective.  He also doesn’t agree with the rule that he cannot go to anyone’s house where I haven’t at least spoken to the parents. I don't see that as over protective.  I see that as cautious.

He is allowed to walk / scoot to and from school.  Generally in the morning he goes to someone’s house and then goes with that person the rest of the way.  In the afternoon he can walk with people but I need to know who so I know which direction he is going in and he is expected home within 30 minutes.  He must not stay at anyone’s house in the afternoon unless he has organised it previously.  And it needs to be organised with the adults not just the children.

A few weeks ago, Girl Child went on a play date to a friends house.  She will be 7 in  few months and it was the first time she had ever been on a play date to a house that I had never been to.  I have known the family since last year but only as a “Hi, how are you?” kind of way.  It was all prearranged and they had my contact details.  It all went very well.  Girl Child, her play date friend and another child from who lives next door all had a great time. I did have quite a few moments of clock watching and “Wow I can’t believe I’m doing this” but not “OMG what have I done?” I was nervous and stressed but it was all okay.

So how do you organise children’s play dates?  Or who organises them?  Am I giving my children my trust issues or just cautious?  Given we are hoping for Boy Child to go to high school out of our area, I am planning on having more friend stuff to happen for him.  But is my need to talk to the other child’s parents beforehand stunting his social life?

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Post It Note Tuesday #5 Take 2

Just some more for me.
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Post It Note Tuesday #5

Here once again for your enjoyment is Post It Note Tuesday.













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Post it Note Tuesday

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Random thoughts in my messy head

Sorry I haven’t been posting much.  The cold I had is just a cough now which is thankfully no longer keeping me up until 3 am.  Maybe the cough medicine and cold and flu medications helped with that.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts about choosing High School for Boy Child.  We are almost there with our decision, I think.  While I haven’t taken up drinking I have thought about it!   But I have actually not eaten much chocolate either.  Which is a great thing given Operation Anniversary!  Of course I haven’t properly started with that yet.

The lovely Lucy has sent me some stuff to help with Op Anniversary.  Thanks very much to Lucy!  Check out Diminishing Lucy – you know you want to!

Girl Child was home from school again yesterday.  She came into us in the middle of the night with a headache and woke later with a tummy ache as well.  I’m actually wondering whether getting her adenoids removed last year was such a good thing.  So far this year she has missed at least  16 days of school due to illness.  And to me that is a lot.  Normally she would have the standard number of a few  colds a year some of which would turn into ear infections but she has never really been a sick child.  Maybe her oversized adenoids were protecting her?   Pure non medical thought there but I figure if they are part of her immune system maybe they were just huge because they were doing their job well.

I have scenario I would like some input on.  Two 11 year old (12 in August and September respectively) boys are delivering brochures into letterboxes.    Boy 1 is yours, the other is someone else's.  Boy 2 lives not far away (maybe 600 metres or so on a different street, 1 minute by car) and does have a mobile on him for safety.  It gets dark. The boys finish the deliveries and show up at your house.  Boy2’s parent rings and says “It’s dark. I will drive down and pick him up.” Boy 1’s Father says “No, don’t worry, we can bring him home. See you soon.” Nobody shows up for 10 minutes then Boy 2 arrives home by himself.

  • If Boy 2 said he was fine to get home in the dark, would you as a parent of Boy 1 let him go?
  • If you were a parent of Boy2 would you have preferred a phone call and walked down or driven down to get him?
  • Would the fact that Boy 2 was only wearing shorts and a T-shirt and it was 10 degrees C (about 50 F) have changed anything?

You can probably guess which parent I am but I will tell you later.


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