Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Today Girl Child and I made Lamingtons.  Thanks to Sharalyn for the recipe.

Now this is where I admit again, that I am no domestic Goddess.  In fact, often my urge to bake (when not from a packet mix) results in varied results and often phone calls to people who actually have domestic ability and more importantly baking skills. 

Today’s urge was partly patriotic, being Australia Day and all, but mostly due to hunger and the fact that the GF Lamingtons available in the shops are about $7.00 for 3.

This is how the Lamingtons turned out:

IMAGE_290 IMAGE_291 

Now before we got to the point I worked out that we didn't have any Baking Powder.  So I called one of those non domestically challenged people I know. My friend wasn't home so I spoke to her husband.

Yes, definitely need baking powder.  Damn! Next question and this is where I sound really stupid.  Recipe states: Place eggs and caster sugar in metal bowl and whisk with wire whisk over a saucepan of hot water until mixture is warm and slightly frothy.

Conversation follows.

Me: I don't have a metal bowl.  Can I use glass?

Him: No.  It might break due to the heat.

Me: Oh, okay then.  Well I have some of those metal things you use to cook in. Would that work?

Him: Saucepans?

Me: I have those but I mean those other things.  The ones that go in the oven.

Him: Tins. I don’t think that will work.

Me: Oh okay then.

Him: But we have some and some baking powder you can borrow.

After making sure it was GF baking powder I wandered to their house and borrowed the required things in order to make the very yummy lamingtons shown above.

And yes that was exactly how the conversation went.  I’m sure I sounded like a complete twit.


Melissa said...

Was online working and watching my reader... was getting very stressed that you weren't going to post today. Phew. Such relief.

Plus, what a fun post. Love it.

Anella said...

Haha, this was a funny post. I never have the right ingredients/utensils half the time.

They turned out real good though! I'm going to look them up now & see exactly what they are!

Sharalyn said...

They look good. I'm lucky I bought a metal bowl a few months back. Hope you enjoyed them.

Oh, I've had many a conversation like that too.

E. said...

See it's conversations like that one which make me answer questions like: do you think you are intelligent? with sometimes.

Because sometimes I seem to be a complete idiot!

Anella - Lamingtons are sponge cake cut into squares rolled in chocolate icing and covered with coconut.

Melissa: I think it's very funny that you are stalking my blog to see it I make my post in time.

Summeranne said...

At least you made them from scratch! I don't know what they are, but they look yummy. I can NOT bake. I made brownies from a box mix last night and the edges are burned and the middle is fudgy....

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Wow, I'd never think to attempt lamingtons - even though I have a metal bowl, whisk and baking powder... Yours look amazing - how did they taste?

E. said...

Summeranne - I normaly cook from packet mixes so this was very rare in our house. Lamingtons are squares of spnge covered in chocolate icing and coconut.

PPMJ - They were yummy. Very yummy and are all gone now!


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