Tuesday, 4 December 2012

This is a sick bunny

This was A at 1:08 this afternoon. This was the pic I sent to Mr E. with the tag He looks so sad. I cried and I made an appointment at the vet for him.
I'm not one of those ladylike criers. When I cry its messy and my face goes all red and blotchy. Unfortunately it's now more than 90 minutes later and my face is still all blotchy. In fact I'm pretty sure when I go to get Girl Child from school there may be comments about my blotchy mess.
On the up side, A did start to show signs of life on the way to the vets. We (well really, just me) will be syringe feeding him for a while. He has barely had anything to eat or drink since yesterday. And for a just 1.2kg animal he really doesn't have much stored to fall back on.
I do however suspect him to be like my children. Sick enough to debate taking them to hospital then arriving there only to have them run around in the waiting room, while other people are staring daggers at you wondering why you brought the child in.
But faced with the above version of A, I felt I had no choice. Wish me luck with the syringe feeding. If he isn't eating and drinking on his own in a week then we have run out of options.


Leanne said...

Oh, poor bunny! I would be crying too. I love rabbits. I hope bunny gets better very soon

Sarah said...

I'm a messy crier too and nothing is more likely to set it off than a sick animal.

Good luck with the feeding, I really hope it works and bunny perks up!

E. said...

So far he isn't getting worse but he really isn't even eating much. I hope he picks up soon.

Thanks for the kind thoughts.


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