Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Renaming the 12 Dancing Princesses

After a complete loss of blogging mojo today I have borrowed from Thea.  She is renaming the 12 Dancing Princesses from the Barbie DVD.  I have seen Barbie’s 12 Dancing Princesses (Wikipedia) many times as Girl child is obsessed quite interested in Barbie.  Yet until Thea’s post I hadn’t realised that they were actually named in alphabetical order. 

I’m really not that impressed with Barbie (it may be because I never had one as a child) so Girl Child didn't have any Barbie’s until the Christmas after she turned 5.  But since then she has became quite fanatical about all things Barbie.  I’m not sure whether 12 Dancing Princesses or the Diamond Castle is the favourite but I’ve sure heard them a lot!  And thankfully I don’t mind those two that much as Barbie movies go.

Anyway, I thought I would join with Thea and rename them.  In the Barbie version the girls are actually named:

 Ashlyn, Blair, Courtney, Delia, Edeline, Fallon, Genevieve, Hadley, Isla, Janessa, Kathleen and Lacey.

But most of those aren’t my style -I am fairly traditional when it comes to name.  These would be my 12 Dancing Princesses:

Amy, Bronte, Catherine, Danielle, Ella, Fiona, Genevieve, Hannah, Isabelle, Jessica, Kara and Lucy.

Wow, it was a major struggle coming up with that list.  I did keep Genevieve but I was tossing up a few other G names.  I think I’m glad we have only had two children.  I’m not sure I could actually name any more.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Today you are 12.  Okay to be accurate, you will be 12 at 10.00pm this evening.

Here are some photos of you.


Alex 23 Sep 1998

  Alex 26 Sep 1998

 Alex Bath pic washer on head

alex tap

cool at beach

It’s hard to believe that you were once so small.  Happy Birthday, mate.  We love you and are so very proud of you!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

I saw Tony Attwood

This will be  post on  ASD so I’m warning you up front.

I went to a workshop / seminar where Tony Attwood spoke recently. He was excellent.  I loved  the way he related to the audience, his humour, and the way he talked about people on the spectrum as people. I found Michelle Garcia Winner (check out socialthinking.com) did this too. To me that was very important because I have only started going to seminars this year and the first one I went to was soooo not aimed at parents at all.   I walked out of that first one I went to disillusioned and relieved that I hadn't bothered to spend time and money on seeing ‘experts’.

Thankfully, both the talks I have been to recentlyhave restored my faith in the experts. Thanks, Michelle and Tony!

So I found Tony Attwood very good and would recommend seeing him to everyone.  I was very interested to discover that the people sitting next to me were teachers from interstate and their school / school district has actually booked Tony to come and speak in their town next year. How great is that? I’m not sure if it’s just for professionals and teachers or parents as well but I was blown away, in a  good way. How cool and proactive is that???

So back on track.  Tony was very good and informative and I would definitely go to see him again.  Actually I would probably send / take Mr E. as well.  As a parent I did find some things a little confronting. Things like ASD people may resort to marijuana and alcohol as a way to keep their anxiety level down and that siblings of ASD people more likely than Neurotypical (NT) people to have ADHD, ASD and Anorexia Nervosa.   It’s stuff I had heard or read but until I heard it in person it wasn’t real to me. 

However, all in all it was excellent.  Has anyone else seen Tony Attwood?  What did you think?  Any other people’s  seminar or workshops you can recommend attending? Yes, I know I’m starting late. Better late than never right?

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Psychotic Ranting / Anonymous Foaming

I stole the title of this post from one categories on the NaBloPoMo website.  I must admit I always list Whining under general but today I am angry so I thought the category suited this post well.  Plus Mr E. suggested I blog instead of ranting at him. So here goes. 

Boy Child is almost 12. He is very tall for his age (he was 171.5cm, so about 5’ 7.5” in June and probably about 2 cm taller now) and is the second tallest in student in the school.  There is a boy who used to go to his school and left about 2 or 3 years ago but returned this year and we will call him C.  While the boys are in the same year C was put into a different class when he returned to this school.  When his teacher went on leave he was moved to Boy Child’s class (beginning of this term).  Now these two have never gotten on.  Just a personality clash I think.

Since C and Boy have been in the same class I have heard Boy say things about C taunting  Boy with comments such as “I can bash you, beat you in a fight etc,” etc.  We have taken the approach of fighting is not good, have you done anything to upset C, did the teacher hear, did you tell the teacher etc. The answers have always implied that C has been doing a lot of this without provocation but Boy said he was okay and ignoring it all.

Then on Friday afternoon after school,  Boy said he said that C had challenged him to a fight on Monday before school and he had declined.   C then punched at Boy (Boy does a marital art so he blocked) jumped on his back and had his hands around Boy’s neck.  Boy apparently twisted which threw C off and into a desk. 

Somehow this led to C trying to take on another boy in the class who also managed to get C off him. During this time the teacher was about 10 metres away in the art room, cleaning up the mess the kids had made making paper. 

This all occurred in the last 5 or so minutes of class.  But by the time Boy got his scooter somehow the other 2 Year 6 classes were aware that C had plans to bash Boy on Monday morning and that C was going to win.  Now the first thing I heard about this was when Boy arrived home later that day.  Mr E, Boy and I discussed everything and while I was quite concerned I figured Boy really could defend himself.  Plus he got a lecture about fighting not being a good thing, staying in places at school where he could readily been seen by teachers (so not on the oval) and to defend himself when necessary without starting anything.

I did want to give someone at school a heads up that there may be an issue and I even discussed it with a former teacher about the way ahead.

On Sunday, Boy child was riding around on his scooter with a friend.   They were going past the local skate park and were apparently taunted by a group of about 20 kids.  Boy was told by the only child from his school (the rest appeared to be older) that C and his friends were going to bash him on Monday morning.  Boy was concerned that the older kids were going to come to the school and hurt him. But in typical Boy style he was sure he would be okay.

When Boy got home he told Mr E. At this point we decided it was best to contact the school and safer that Boy didn't go to school or from school on his own until the situation was dealt with.

So yesterday morning I go to school with Boy and request a meeting with the Deputy Principal.  He and all the executives are in a meeting but I was happy to wait.  Boy child wasn't happy as he felt that as he didn't show for the fight C and the others would consider him chicken.

We ended up speaking to the Executive Teacher of his area.  She then took both Boy and I to the Principal and we went over the story again.  At this point C and the classroom teacher were called in and I left after being told that I would be updated on the situation.

At 2.30 I arrived back at school having heard nothing and also not sure whether it was a good idea for Boy to travel home by himself.  The Principal and the Exec I needed were a meeting but about 3.05 I got to see them.  The upshot was both boys were warned about fighting and this seems to have been the last straw for C at the moment as his mother had to take him home for the rest of the day.

Unfortunately, the Principal had a go at their teacher.  Boy had said the majority of C’s taunting “I can bash up up, beat you in a fight etc,” have occurred while the teacher has been out of the room.  So the Principal was raving about how teachers never leave their classes and they will have to discuss it with her.  The thing is to Boy out of the room means not in that room.  2 cm out into the open area means you are not in the room.  Plus the teacher has suffering lingering effects of the chemo she had earlier in the year and does actually need to leave occasionally. So the teacher got a roasting but she explained exactly where she was and it seems that all things are okay for her now. She was very sad yesterday afternoon but good today.

So as far as I was concerned it seemed everything was settled. Boy child seemed okay. He had gotten less angry about my interfering during by the evening and things seemed good.

Today I got an email from a friend.  And I replied asking did her son (Boy 1 in this scenario) say anything about school on Friday or recently?

Her response was Not really just some conversations about how C was ‘stirring up trouble’ for Boy child. She also mentioned that she noticed me there in yesterday morning waiting to have the meeting and heard C’s name mentioned. 

So I then asked about did D (previously known as Boy 1, LOL) know anything about the fight.  Her response was: He didn’t say when the fight was supposed to be but he did say C had recruited a bunch of high school kids.

My brain went WTF!  I’m not sure when or how D found out about the High school kids being involved in this fight. I would have thought that once an adult knew that there was likely to be a fight and that High schools kids were going to be there, surely you would contact the parent of the child who was being targeted?  Especially when you are supposed to be their friend?  Or am I completely off the planet here?

I’m seriously hoping that D only told her yesterday.  Because I’m having enough trouble dealing with the fact that she knew and didn’t mention it to me.  If I discovered that she knew before yesterday morning and didn’t bother to give us a heads up then ARGHHH!  Yes I’m very upset and peeved.  I think if I knew and it’s was a friends child or even my child’s friend who I spoke to at school occasionally I would have to say something.

What would you do?

Thanks for reading to the end.  Upshot is all is okay with Boy and C mostly left him alone today, hurray!  But I am really frustrated with D’s mum.  As a friend I would have expected the info be passed along but now I’m wondering if we are actually friends or if it’s just a minor issue I am blowing out of all proportion.

Maybe my sense of fairness and friendship as just different to others?  I would hope that if I had been in the same situation I would have called D’s mum if only to ensure they knew the situation and to see if they needed to chat.  Is that odd?

Ranting and Foaming over!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Rich people’s problems…

You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in a while. I think maybe NaBloPoMo in August sucked my blogging mojo away.  Anyway this evening I was catching up on the blogs I read and over on one of my recent-ish Blog finds Confessions of a Somewhat Confused Scot I saw this post.

It really made me think and so I have decided to join in.  Basically the premise is problems that only rich people have.  But please read this post as it is much more eloquent than mine.

Today my rich people’s problems are:

  • Trying to decide what to cook for dinner because…. I have too many options available to me.
  • Getting frustrated with travel agents who don’t return calls / emails or send quotes because…. I am lucky we can afford to have a holiday.
  • Being upset because the children haven’t emptied the dishwasher because…. we have a dishwasher with the electricity and water to be able to run it.
  • Worrying about how we can organise life and transportation with one car off the road because…. some people have no transport.
  • My annoyance at my children’s school for not being very communicative…. because they have access to education.

I’m sure I could go on and on.  This certainly helped put things into perspective for me.

Happy weekend every one!


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