Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Bunny Update

Today was the day of reckoning for A (our boy bunny). Despite him eating by himself last week he had to show a significant improvement today at the vets or there would be dire consequences. Thankfully he decided to stop playing dead. The vet was so impressed with him she took him out to say hi to the student vet who had seen him on two of his previous visits to show her how much he had improved.

He still has a slight head tilt but is much happier and at home is running around. Today he even climbed up the ladder in the outdoor hutch. He hasn't even tried that since I first noticed that he was sick. So that was a huge achievement.

Unfortunately, B (our girl bunny) was falling over this morning. So she went to the vet as well. She has the same illness as he does. As yet she doesn't have the head tilt so we have caught it early. Hopefully with the antibiotics she will recover more quickly than A did. Plus she loves her food so she may not stop eating as he did.

So here's to twice daily antibiotics for both bunnies for 4 weeks getting them both over this.

The bunnies before they got sick


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Sarah said...

Great news E - I hope both bunnies are on the mend very soon! x


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