Tuesday, 11 December 2012

There is only two weeks until Christmas

We don't have our tree up. I haven't started my Christmas baking (I'm a shortbread and mince pie girl) which is part of the reason we haven't put up the tree as yet. The other part is that we are discussing whether we should get a new tree this year as our old one is 14 years old. It is very small and it has fibre optics. At the bottom of the tree there is a coloured lens thingy (real technical term there) that rotates so the colours change and looks pretty but it makes a grinding noise when switched on.

I only have presents for Girl Child and Mr E. Hers is a bike we've had on the garage for months (since before her birthday in August) and he bought his gift on line himself.

So I really need to get my butt into gear. The rabbit sees the vet again tomorrow. He is getting better and I haven't had to feed him since yesterday afternoon. Prior to that I was feeding him every hour to every few hours during the day depending how much he ate and how sick he was. What the vet says tomorrow will help us decide whether we are going to visit family interstate for Christmas. I'm hoping that he is well enough to be able to leave for 24 or hours so we can go away.

Regardless of going away or not, I need to buy gifts, bake and get a tree up. I need to find my Christmas Spirit, fast.


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Kirsty @ My Home Truths said...

I hope you find your christmas mojo soon - when you find yours, can you send some to me too? I have a tree up but I haven't sent out cards and I still have a heap of shopping to do!


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