Saturday, 8 December 2012

Uh oh, it's Nits!

Yes, me doing NoBloPoMo does mean that you get to read about the boring minutiae of my life. Today is another one of those posts.

Girl Child had an end of year concert this week. Each year group performed as did the school band, the choir and there was also an item performed by the teachers. The finale was a whole school performance of a dong in Japanese (the language thy learn). As Girl is in the choir, she performed in 5 items including the finale.

After it was all over, she came up to us. All in all it was a pretty good concert. We asked her what she liked the most. Apparently she liked nothing because she was bored. And then I saw it. Right at the front of her hair. A lovely full grown louse.

Excellent! Just what you need after a school function with a tired (and hungry) 9 year old. We went home, had dinner and then it began. The great lice hunt.

It seems that the one I exterminated at school was probably the only one. I only found one egg as well. While normally I'd just condition and comb I pulled out the natural chemicals just to blast any I may have missed. Last time she had nits was December last year. Somehow I missed at least one of the little buggers and I had to do her hair forever (probably was only 3 or 4 times). This time I was taking no chances of a repeat perfomance.

On the plus side her hair looks great and is soft ans shiny. Now I just need to ensure that I have added tea tree oil to her new shampoo, conditioner and detangler so we may miss any other infestations for the rest of the year.

I hate nits and the time consuming delousing process. I'm sure I'm not alone in this.


Anella said...

When I was a little girl, I used to have hair down to my bottom & when I had nits it was a NIGHTMARE for my mother! She used to use the 'Full Marks' stuff, make me lie down flat on the floor with my head on a white towel & comb with those metal combs for at least an hour! Ouch!! Worked though! I remember having to use the tea tree shampoo - I can still smell it now, haha x

Sarah said...

Nits used to be the bane of my life - I swear we had nearly 3 years of constant battle with them!

On the plus side, when the children reached secondary school age either the fact that they dont touch heads so much or the onset of puberty (I've been told nits don't like the hormones) seemed to knock it on the head (pun intended ;) and no sign of them since thank god!

Anonymous said...

Bluh! Sorry, I must have jinxed you!



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