Monday, 19 January 2015

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours

Did anyone else just sing that in their head? I did and I cant remember the last time I watched Neighbours. Is it even still on in Australia? Umm, I’m not sure I care enough to know. anyway this post is not about the TV show, instead its about the neighbours we have.

Or more about the fact that we have had 3 lots of neighbours move out in the last 6 or so weeks. It’s being to feel a bit like a break up where someone is saying it’s not you, it’s me then they smile and hurriedly walk away. However, I know that 2 of the 3 moves really had nothing to do with us and I’m pretty sure move number 3 had very little to do with us asking whether they were were willing to go halves in a new fence. Although, you never know, it could have tipped the balance.

I will miss one set of our former neighbours. They were lovely. They tied Boy Child’s tie on two occasions when Mr E wasn’t home to do it and Wikihow didn't make enough sense for us to do it. They had a lovely vegie garden and often gave us some of their extras. I was sad to see them go but they have bought their own house in a rural area and are about to (hopefully) live out their dreams.

The other neighbours were noisy in different ways. one set had two dogs who didn’t like being left alone. So the dogs let the neighbourhood know how annoyed they were. I think cacophony would be an excellent description of the dog’s displeasure.

The final set of neighbours was a family with a teenaged girl. She was a very vocal angry young lady. We never really got to know those neighbours. Prior to the teenage angst starting the younger child used to throw rocks at Serious and Smiley Dogs. Luckily he outgrew that habit or perhaps he stopped because he was told that we would tell his parents. Whatever the reason, we (and the dogs) were much happier when we were no longer finding large rocks in our grass.

While our former neighbours were loud and in at least one case annoying, they were the devil we knew. I’m wondering when we will be getting new neighbours and what they will be like. Here’s hoping for nice ones!

Of course, we may really be the reason the neighbours have left. Perhaps we are the annoying ones and I should think about how we interact with the neighbours and each other. Girl Child has been practicing door slamming this holidays so that may be a contributing factor. Maybe I should bake something to welcome any new people in to our street. That could make us the crazy annoying family that the others want to avoid. It’s a fine line.


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I hope that the new neighbours are polite, not too loud and okay with people occasionally borrowing a cup of sugar or something along those lines. What are your neighbours like? Or are you the crazy neighbours that others avoid?



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