Saturday, 22 December 2012

I'm very sad

This afternoon our girl bunny (B) passed away. I had noticed she was sick on Wednesday and I took her to A's check up at the vet. Because we had caught her illness early it looked as though she wouldn't get too sick.

Last night she started to be less interested in her food and I made sure she was drinking enough by giving her extra water. Today she seemed even less inclined to eat so I started syringe feeding her. I managed to get a vet appointment and they said we were doing everything right. I took her home and fed her before I had to go out. She seemed okay and even ate some food from my hand. I was gone for maybe two and a half hours. I got everything ready to feed her and I went to get her only to find she had died.

She was a part of our family for almost two years. I can only hope that A stays well and that he doesn't get depressed because his sister is gone.

Here is our girl bunny B in happier times.

Rest in peace, little one. We will miss you.


Sarah said...

So sorry E - it's incredibly hard losing a pet at any time but somehow it seems worse so near to Christmas. Hoping that Bunny B makes a full recovery xx

Melissa said...

Oh. :( I'm so sorry. How are the kids coping?

We've just gotten the boys their first pet. Joel bought me a kitten. I adore her, but Alexander and Sam are utterly besotted. She's only a couple of months old but already there is a part of me so afraid of something ever happening to her. I don't know how they would cope.

Psych Babbler said...

Oh that's so sad. I'm so sorry to hear that. Pets are family and the loss of one is just as difficult. Hugs. And hope A manages to cope and get well soon.


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