Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas shopping

Mr E. and I went Christmas Shopping, today. We bought presents for 5 of the 6 kids in my extended family. We also bought presents for Girl Child and Boy Child from some interstate relatives. So all in all we bought 8 presents and had lunch in just over two hours. Not a bad effort.

I still have to get one present but so far I haven't found anything that meets the interests of that child. As we seemed to hit all the likely stores in the local mall today, I will be branching out further. I have a day of work on Thursday and A (the bunny) has an appointment with the vet on Wednesday, I will be venturing out tomorrow or Friday.

After that I just need to do the wrapping. I wish mine would look this good.

Image from here

Hope your shopping is going well.


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gnomeangel said...

Oh good luck with that! I did all of mine either online or months in advance. There was NO WAY I was going into a shopping center at this time of year with a pram.

Have you checked out Pinterest for some wrapping hints, tips and tricks. Its what I do. (It can't help me with the problem of sticking my fingers together with tape though...)

Good Luck!


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