Sunday, 30 December 2012

NaBloPoMo is almost over

Which means 2012 is almost done. There is only today and tomorrow to go. After that we will go back to regular programming (intermittent posts).

Tomorrow lots of people will be making New Years Resolutions. I haven't really thought about them. Given it seems most people break them fairly early on the the year I really don't do them. There's no reason to set myself up for failure.

This year somebody (sorry I can't remember who) asked us to think about one word for 2012. I chose Open. I meant open to possibilities, open to friends and family. I didn't really embrace everything this year but I was definitely more willing to consider things.

Things of note were:

  • Start studying to re-skill into a different field of work,
  • Applying to be on the relief work list and getting a day of work,
  • Mr E. and I went up in a hot air balloon, and
  • I bought some some new clothes (which means I no longer wear jeans and T-shirts all the time).
These things pretty much all happened in the last half of the year. I can't remember much of the first half of the year. Maybe next year I'll be able to remember more things.


Melissa Mitchell said...

I love that. Open. Must think of one for myself. Does indulge sound silly? I don't mean in a selfish way. I don't mean in a food way.

I mean indulge in opportunities to spoil myself. To cater to my girlier side - explore make up, clothes, hair styles. Prettying my home up = little things that make me happy, that reflect my personality.

Leanne said...

I think it was Maxabella. My word was FOCUS. It helped direct me all year. I will be giving my 2013 word tomorrow. Been thinking about it all week. Amazing how many people that. little exercise touched. You've had a great year! So much has happened since our last cuppa. Must be time for another. Happy new year. And happy new word.
Love and hugs


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