Sunday, 9 December 2012

Big weekend

I may have mentioned that Boy Child joined Cadets a few months ago. This weekend was his dining in night, sleep over on base and then passing out / end of year parade. Just for reference nobody literally passed at the parade although I'm pretty sure it has happened at some.

So the Dining In Night was a formal occasion. The boys had to wear a jacket and tie (although Boy Child said he was told to wear a suit) so we had to get him some clothes. It was surprisingly easy to get him a suit. The shirt and tie were slightly more difficult but compared to what the girls would have gone through getting formal dresses I had it easy.

Because I'm sentimental (but not mean) I took photos of him all dressed up. I did that mostly at home so as not to embarrass him in front of the other Cadets. Of course I couldn't just leave it at so that I took some photos while walking to the Dining In Night venue.

My gorgeous children
The Cadets spent the night on base before preparing for their parade. They apparently polished the brass parts of their belts on and off for part of the night. The was some shenanigans (what else would you expect with 30 plus teenaged boys in a barracks) but Boy Child apparently managed to get enough sleep.
For Boy Child morning consisted of breakfast, parade practice and the the real parade.

Here's Boy Child and 2 other cadets on parade.

So my Boy is no longer a Cadet Recruit he is a fully fledged Cadet. He scrubs up pretty well too.

How was your weekend? Any milestone events?


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Anonymous said...


Boy Child is so grown up! Im glad he has done so well with this experience :)



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