Friday, 21 December 2012

School is over for the year.

We have been given and read the children’s reports. They were what we expected, with no surprises - pleasant or otherwise. The kids don’t go back to school for six and a half weeks. In the scheme of things that really isn’t very long (well not compared to other places – some places have up to 14 weeks holiday for summer!) although it can seem to drag.

This time around though Mr E is off work for 4 weeks so that will certainly change the dynamics of the holidays.  Then there is my Christmas present from the family.  They are sending me away to a health spa / resort for 5 whole nights!  I’m excited but a little nervous as well. I’ve never been to one before and I’ve never been away from the family for that long either. It will be interesting to see how we all go.

This week I also had my first day actually working as a Learning Support Assistant (LSA).  It was in the Learning Support Unit (LSU)  of the school where I did my prac.  I was very excited to get some work. I’m quite lucky as the team there seem to like me and the teacher of the LSU knows me from when our children were at the same school and we were both volunteering for the School Board and Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association.  Her youngest is 3 years ahead of Boy Child. Obviously I made a good impression on her back then and with my prac and the day of work this week.  She said she would request me whenever the permanent LSA in the LSU is away. It would be great for me if that works out. I also have a few schools to visit and introduce myself to the staff next year. While Girl Child’s school would be convenient, I’m not sure I would get any hours there due to some differences of opinion with certain people on some issues. Plus a few people have mentioned that it’s better to not work where your children to go school as that avoids even the perception of a conflict of interest.  That said if I was offered work there I’m not sure what I would say.  That is something I will have to think about in the New Year.  Maybe after I’ve had my health spa and have been relaxed and rejuvenated.

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Melissa said...

Great news on the work. Did you enjoy it?

That health spa/retreat - sounds amazing!


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