Sunday, 28 March 2010

A good, eventful weekend

Mr E. was away interstate doing some nerd boy thing so we had the house to ourselves.  We did exciting things like go to Bunnings to check out lawnmowers and then ended up buying a new mower from the mower place.  The guys at the mower place had told me on Friday that ours was on it’s last legs.  Which was very true.  I got it home after it little trip to hospital and it ran for about 2 minutes and then refused to start again.

The new mower meant I could mow some lawn and now the children can play in that yard.

heritage%20-%20assam%20-%20kaziranga%20np%20-%20elephant%20safari%20-%20inside%20the%20elephant%20grass[1]The grass may or may not have looked remarkably like this shot from although it would be slightly more realistic without the elephant!

Saturday's Highlight was Earth Hour.  If you don’t want to check out the link it’s basically an hour where people, business etc turn off their lights for an hour (it was 8.30 to 8.30pm on Saturday 27 March 2010) to raise awareness about Climate Change.

We played Upwords by candle light.  It was fun and we had drinks and popcorn ready to go.  Of course nothing at our place seems to go smoothly so there were a few issues.  While I will leave these events to your imagination they mostly involved bodily fluids as well as going to the toilet by torchlight. Once the lights came back on it was time for bed.  No long after Mr E came home.  Children got up again. Eventually everyone was in bed.

Today was pancakes for breakfast and then we all went to see How to Train Your Dragon in 3D. Considering I had no clue what it was about I liked it. Girl Child did get scared a few times but she scares easily. 

Today’s big excitement was that Girl Child lost her first tooth!

With Girl Child’s help, of course.  The adult tooth has been behind this tooth for quite a while and so we had been getting her to wiggle it but it seemed that sometimes a week went by without it getting even the slightest bit looser.  But it is finally out and so the tooth fairy will visit tonight, I hope as Boy child lost a tooth today as well. Might be a busy night for the Tooth Fairy, i think.

Given the eventfulness of the weekend I haven’t read many blogs but will be playing catch up tomorrow.

How was everyone else’s weekend?  What did you get up to? Did anyone else participate in Earth hour?


Lucy said...

Oh Tooth Fairy time! (Did you know that the Tooth Fairy is married to the Easter Bunny in our neck of the woods?!)

DarNonymous said...

Ha! Looks like my lawn! I've been banned from the mower cos I am notoriously clumsy & Marty thinks I will end up slicing a toe off, or worse still, one of the kids' toes!
Ooooh, tooth fairy time, very exciting!

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Sounds perfectly lovely - and wow, your gal's first tooth fairy visit - how exciting!!

Jen said...

Yay to the toothfairy visiting :) K finally has a wobbly tooth here :) . I forgot about Earth Hour but it sounds like you participated in a lovely fashion :) .

alliecat said...

Love Bunnings!

We did Earth Hour, sort of, remembered at the last minute, guests for dinner so had it by candlelight!


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