Thursday, 28 January 2010

Holiday day 1

Here I am blogging from the Far South Coast of NSW. I am actually sitting in the apartment Boy Child, Girl Child and I are staying in for a few nights and typing this up on Word because I figure paying for net access is something I really can’t be bothered with when you can get if free at McDonalds, Gloria Jeans (Coffee Shop Franchise) or the local Returned Services League (RSL) club where we had dinner.

I did actually take the laptop to dinner and did connect to their wireless broadband but then food started to arrive so I thought it would be impolite to continue stuffing around.

Now dinner was lovely. Boy child had a modified Chicken Parmagana so it was just Chicken Schnitzel, Girl Child had ham and pineapple pizza, and I had Lemon Sole topped with prawns and a sauce. Okay the topped with prawns was 3 prawns but they and the sauce were nice and the fish was delicious.

Now I think it’s Pink Patent Mary Janes who is often discussing Pork Belly and it was on the menu! I was very impressed but as I rarely have seafood I thought that sounded the better option today. If we eat there again and the Pork Belly is Gluten Free I think I was have it just for you PPMJ! Sure beats the McDonalds that Boy Child wanted for dinner.

Okay, better go and track down wireless internet to post this and hope I can post earlier tomorrow if the kids aren’t having issues with wandering around again as they did this afternoon.

Apparently the first stop tomorrow is finding a beach. The pool is too tame for Boy Child and Girl Child wants to make sand castles.


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

E. if pork belly's on the menu it's always the option!

Happy holidays! xx

Clarissa said...

Have a great holiday :) :) Jealous :P


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