Monday, 11 January 2010

Day Zero Project: 101 in 1001 - update

Well I have been wandering around looking at other people’s lists and have updated mine with the following:

Organise my books
Complete the 5000 Question Survey
Write down my answers to the all "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind"
Read David Allen "Getting Things Done"
Clean out the pantry
Tidy the Linen cupboard
Learn how to use / apply make up
Use the face scrub / exfoliate at least 5 times
Use the body scrub / exfoliate at least 5 times
Use moisturiser for 30 days
Go on the Million Paws Walk with Dogs
Update my resume
Get to school before the first bell for 10 weeks
Organise and have time with each child separately and do something they want to 5 times each
Go on a picnic
Write and send Christmas cards before 10 December
Go to bed before 10.30 for a week straight 5 times
Take vitamins for 1 month
Answer the 20 questions you should ask yourself every Sunday once a month for a year
Find out what is involved to get tested and go on the bone marrow register

So now I have 66 things on my list.  I’ve actually managed to add list so far on the Day zero Project website.  Yay for me!

And as far as progress goes I haven’t done that much.

So far 2000 grains of rice from 2,000/100,000

3 days of 5 glasses of water of more 3/30

2 days of 3 or less cups / glasses of caffeinated beverage. Umm I have no time limit on that one so not sure how that should work.  maybe should make a time limit like a month.  21 days should make a habit so 30 days should work.

So how is everyone else going?


Summeranne said...

I am struggling with my list of 101 in 1001 also. I think I may have 60 things so far... I'm hoping to start it on my birthday this year, Feb 18. Also I love you idea of the bone marrow donation. Here is a website that might have some more info for you!

Melissa said...

What's the 5000 question survey?

Anella said...

Well done you for writing all these down first of all. Just don't do the mistake of trying to force everything at once! Just introduce them into your daily lifestyle slowly. If you have a calendar/diary you should just set a date for the picnic you have in mind & then you can keep it free to go. I couldn't live witout my diary!
Good Luck! =]

E. said...

Melissa - check the link out:

Thanks Summeranne and Anella.I'm hoping by starting the list I can actually achieve some stuff. LOL.

....Tammy.... said...

Hi there

Is there any time frame to starting this list that you are talking about/doing? It sounds really interesting and fun and I would be keen to do it if possible!


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