Saturday, 2 January 2010

Best Trip - Day 2 NoBloPoMo Jan 2010

Well it’s Day 2 and I’m blogging and it is only afternoon.  Must mean I”m off to good start.

As I’ve stolen / borrowed / been inspired by the Gwen Bell list of things I wasn't sure if I should blog on the best Trip of 2009 or ever. So I had thought I would write about both but as I’m not sure what is the best trip ever I thought I would start with the best trip of 2009 and see if or when I run out of steam / time / words.

Best Trip of 2009.

Easy to choose this one.  It was our early Christmas with my extended family on 19 Dec 09. I have already blogged about it here.

So why do I consider it to be the best trip of 2009?

Well first off we (as a family) don’t actually do many trips and this one was nice.  The kids and I do go away more than we go as a family mostly because there are school holidays that need to be survived filled with activities, Mr E. doesn’t like leaving his broadband is busy and we have pets which will need to be kennelled and looked after.

Plus it feels as though I am now relating to my family on an adult level, which is great. And I am getting so much better at the whole hug thing.  Very much needed as I have spent most of my life hating to be touched. Of course - Mr E., Boy Child and Girl Child were the exception to that.

The children all play nicely together.

AlexCatie at Sues

And my extended family has not yet fed me something with Gluten in it.  As a Coeliac of 14.5 years that is very impressive given how often my parents managed to poison me with gluten. 

So that is why it was the best trip… oh and maybe because Mr E. needed to get back home for work so we actually only stayed away for 1 night and Boy Child can cope with that amount of time at my grandmothers.  And this meant there were no meltdowns!

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Melissa said...

Hahaha. Parents poisoning you with gluetin... Family, who'd have them! Best trip ever!


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