Sunday, 3 January 2010

Mrs Clumsy – Best injury / incident

I went out to have coffee with a friend this morning.  Unfortunately when I picked up her coffee to pass it to her I spilt it over her.  Yep, I managed to pour half a latte all over my friends lap. Oh, ****!

Thankfully it wasn't hot, hot and she didn’t get burnt. But gee I felt like an idiot!  But it did just reinforce how clumsy I actually am. So for today’s best post I am moving away from the list and going on to the best injury / injury causing incident.  Okay maybe it should be worst but best works for me.

Picture this:

Afternoon, engagement party, in a lovely backyard, 100’s of people (well so it seemed – but people were flowing in and out so it was quite hard to tell).  Things were going well, I was taking food around, mingling, chatting etc. Then for some reason I decided to pick up Girl Child and carry her like a baby.  She was 4 and a big 4 at that.  She is taller than average and quite solid.  I picked her up and carried her slung across my body, head on one side and legs the other. First mistake.

Second mistake was stepping down 20 or 30 cm to the next level of grass. I still have no idea how it happened, I had had no alcohol to drink and I put it down to the fact I am clumsy plus I was holding extra 20 plus kilos. I step down and roll my ankle, then somehow roll my other ankle and manage to flash my underwear at my cousins fiancée's sister and her friends.

Excellent!  Mortification time.  I did roll to protect Girl Child and she was fine just scared.  I, on the other hand could not walk.  After laying there for a while (thankfully with my dress back down where it belonged) with ice I manage to get up.

It was a long drive back home that evening. 3.5 hours with ankles swelling and throbbing.  It turns out that while I didn’t break anything I did manage to twist both ankles in both directions.

The day after                     Five days later

06-01-08_1242 cropped 11-01-08_1948 cropped  

And the bruising was impressive.  you can see some on the 5 days later photo but it was not as impressive as the other foot:

11-01-08_1944 cropped 11-01-08_1943 cropped

So the upshot was extreme embarrassment on the day and 6 months of physio.

That my friends was the BEST(or possibly worst) Injury / incident in my recent past. 


Melissa said...


Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Much funnier now, I assert. Looks nasty!

Look what I've got for you...

Clarissa said...

OMG! That is impressive. When I was in year 7 i was pushed down the stairs at school and broke my ankle and now i seem to twist it really easily every second day. So painful. Does the same happen with you?

Anella said...

Ohhh that looks painful =( !!

alliecat said...

Both ankles injured....very impressive! And I thought I was clumsy, hats off to you I think!!

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Damn - you do deserve the Mrs Clumsy title for that. Ouchies!

Clarissa said...

And now you just reminded me - my boyfriend once managed to break both his arms/wrist at the same time..before i knew him though. I will keep coming back to these photos of your ankles when ever i feel sorry for myself with my petty injuries! :P

Summeranne said...

You sound about as clumsy as me! I have some serious talent for falling UP stairs!!! I also enjoy running into doors and walls quite often!

Tasia D. said...

Yowza!!! That definitely doesn't look like much fun - I hate klutzy moments like that! They're always so painful!

E. said...

10 comments on my clumsiness. Excellent. Thank you all I feel very privileged for your support. Although I'm pretty sure some of you are laughing at me.

Suger Melissa: Yes it is way funnier now that it was at the time.

Clarissa: how on earth did N manage to break both arms and wrists at the same time? That would have been impressive. We think the sprains is why some (aka most mornings) at the moment I can't walk properly.


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