Monday, 18 January 2010

Best Album of the Year

This is probably very predictable but my Best Album of 2009 was:


Now I actually got this album for Christmas in 2008 but Mr E. bought me the Australian Tour CD for Christmas 2009, so that’s the one I’m referring to – or is that cheating? Look it even has a slightly different cover so I figure it is different and therefore not cheating.


The tour CD has a second disc with some DVD’s including some songs live from the tour. However, I did find the Video clip to Please Don’t Leave Me a little, um, disturbing. It freaks me out. Not in the way Funhouse is scary / funny but just the way that the couple relate in the clip kind of reminds me of Stephen King’s novel Misery.

There are also 2 additional tracks on the CD which always good. And just for the record I have So What as the ring tone in my phone.

I find it particularly funny when Mr E. calls and my phone goes: “I guess I just lost my husband, I don't know where he went.”


alliecat said...

Agreed. Love her. Didn't get the bonus CD with mine though... also got mine for Christmas 08, so pouting over here now!

Melissa said...

Love Pink. I got the tour bonus too after almost a year of downloading dodgy online copies.

And yes, I too have laughed at the same phrase, my husband drives trucks when he is away sometimes I have lost him, location wise anyway! :o)


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