Friday, 29 January 2010

Holiday Day 2

So today we spent pretty much in water.  Beach mid morning to early afternoon.  A quick trip to the shops for a boogie board for all of us and sand building construction materials for Girl Child before going bacck to the apartment for lunch and then into the pool for a while.  Girl Child is becoming more and more comfortabel in water which is terrific

This afternoon was off to a different beach for more fun and we discovered Boy Child is a Body boarding fiend!  For a kid who goes to the beach maybe twice a year at the very most he was excellent at catching waves and riding them in.  Of course the first time he was out I had to go and get him as he hadn't noticed (well that was my opinion) that he was drifting further and further away from us and eveyone else.  He says he knew and was trying ot get back in but it didn't seem like that to me.  But maybe he was because he held my hand most of the way back in. And that's a big thing for a kid who doesn't like being touched.

We are now having dinner at McDonalds. No Pork Belly for me as yet PPMJ. But I'll see what we can do tomorrow!  Couldn't convince Boy Child to return to the RSL and I'm happy enough leeching internet here for the moment.  I am so glad I finally got a laptop last year.

Desert time and then walking back to the apartment.  Hopefully, the walk will help get rid of some of this junk food I've eaten!

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