Friday, 8 January 2010

Day Zero Project: 101 things in 1001 Days

Okay, i have been thinking about this a lot.  I know I have an issue  procrastination and if I actually do start something I seem to have a problem with following through on things so this maybe be the slap in the head incentive I need.

So I’m biting the bullet and going to do it!  So far I haven't come up with 101 things.  I have 46 but it’s a start. The Day Zero website is broken for me so I guess I will start my list over there another day (maybe even tomorrow).

I hope nobody minds me visiting their lists and maybe stealing borrowing some inspiration from them.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Bungee jumping and sky diving are so NOT happening!


So far I have:

Finish this list of 101 things
Do more exercise at least 3 times a week for 3 months (12 weeks).
Drink more water 5 glasses to get up to 1.5 or more litres daily
Lose 2 kgs
Lose 5 kgs
Lose 8 kgs
Lose 10 kgs
Lose 12 kgs
Keep weight off for at least 6 months.
Have a Family holiday to New Zealand 2011
Go to the Art Gallery and / or Museum with or without the family 5 times
Go to the Theatre twice.
Donate Blood regularly (at least 5 times in 1001 days)
Attempt to read the 50 of 71 Greatest Novels of All item that I haven't read as yet
Learn card making and make them instead of buying them
Put in the forms for a school hours job
Blog everyday for 2 months a year (February doesn't count)
Plant a vegetable patch possibly with fruit trees.
Take the children on a bush walk / hike
Organise my workspace and then tidy it once a month
Try Zumba at least 5 times
Write and post (snail mail) 10 letters to people
Have a Chocolate free week
Cut back on caffeine. Try to get down to 4 a day (any caffeinated beverage)
Participate in National Novel Writing Month (November)
Go Camping for at least 2 nights
Learn to cook an Indian meal from scratch (no jars allowed)
Restart our worm farm
Finish my course at Tafe
Try to be houseproud and actually make the house visitor friendly
Have a BBQ at home
Have a dinner party
Have someone / people over for coffee 5 times
Menu plan at least a week worth of dinners and stick to it
Change readers at school once a week for a term
Call my family interstate at least once a month
Have a games afternoon / night with the family every few months
Go out with my husband on a date 5 times
Volunteer somewhere once a month for 6 months (not necessarily consecutive)
Clean out my clothes and get rid of things I will never wear again
Start the Couch to 5 km run thing.
Complete the Couch to 5 km run thing.
Watch a Monty Python film in its entirety.
Have a LOTR fest and watch all three movies in a weekend.
Donate 100,000 grains of rice on
Re-learn to touchtype


Clarissa said...

Too many to comment on all them. I obvisously like the camping and bushwalking/hiking one. People seem to not going outside as often. Indian meal cooking from scratch sounds good. Vegetable garden...mmm...we have one (sort of) and it so good..always get hundreds of fresh baby tomatos. Some years can't eat them fast enough

rinniez said...

yay! a 101 list! good luck with it all.... you've even given me a couple of ideas to add to my list :)

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Sounds perfect! Wow, indian meal from scratch sounds like a good idea - I always wuss out and go with the jars. The good thing is that some things can be combined too - reading all those books makes perfect blogging material. Good luck!

Stacey @ Say Something Stacey said...

I'm so excited you're doing this! And I can't remember if I have you this info yet or not so I'm giving it to you again. Check out Day Zero List Makers on my blog, and You're Successful 101. Great links!


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