Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Catching up on work…mostly

Today I am trying to catch up on the work I should have done earlier. We are going away tomorrow and instead of working during the school holidays I have been reading your blogs, general stuffing around and playing with the children.

See, this is the issue I have with working from home.  The deadlines are flexible until it comes to crunch time. Then you are wandering around the house at 2 am trying to work out where the rest of the paperwork is so you can reconcile banks accounts and get everything to the auditor before you go away.

It’s the wandering around the house at 2 am the proves that Boy Child just can’t unwind and is also wandering around the house at 2 am, supposedly getting a glass of water but probably going to watch TV if I hadn’t be up as well.

I’m wondering if his night time wanderings are part of the reason the tooth fairy hasn’t arrived 2 nights in a row for the two teeth he lost in just over 2 hours (yes one was another 2 am wander by Boy Child).  Of course Girl Child checks if the Tooth Fairy has been as soon as she gets up which is generally after Mr E. is up but way before I want to get up or Boy Child is even remotely awake. Girl Child is obsessed with the Tooth Fairy as she was one of very few children in her Kindergarten (first years of big school here) class last year who hadn’t lost a tooth.  She still hasn't and is playing very close attention to the fairy ornament where we put teeth for collection.

Have to take Smiley Dog to the vet later for hopefully his last check up on his ear canal operation. It’s only been 5 and a bit weeks since his operation (see here if you want details) but as we had Vet appointments every 2 days for about 2 weeks and then weekly appointments it feels as though it has been forever.

And then there's washing and packing to be done.  Better go do the work now or we won’t be able to go away.

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