Friday, 1 January 2010

NaBloPoMo Jan 2010

I received an email about NaBloPoMo for January 2010.  The theme is Best but you don’t have to blog using the theme if you don’t want to. 

So I considered this for a few days and then thought this will be easy.  After all lot of people posted about Best for their December and 2009 Wrap Ups.

Which brings me to Yes I signed up.  So here is the new badge:


I hope no one considers it cheating if I borrow some of the Gwen Bell's Best 09 prompts which were:

1 Trip
2 Restaurant moment
3 Article
4 Book
5 Night out
6 Workshop or conference
7 Blog find of the year
8 Moment of peace
9 Challenge
10 Album of the year
11 The best place
12 New food
13  Change to the place you live
14 Rush
15 Best packaging
16 Tea of the year
17 Word or phrase
18 Shop
19 Car ride
20 New person
21 Project
22 Startup
23 Web tool
24 Learning experience
25 Gift
26 Insight or aha! moment
27 Social web moment
28 Stationery
29 Laugh
30 Ad
31 Resolution

I’m not sure I will use all of these but i think I will need the help and inspiration.

Wish me luck.  I’ll be needing lots of it!


Clarissa said...

Haha. Good luck. Looks like an enormous list!

Melissa said...

Am on board too.. Good Luck!

Anella said...

I might hop on board as well, Good Luck!!


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