Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Best Blog Find

Okay back on to the Best list,  I think I have skipped a few that weren’t relevant and tonight I have chosen the Best Blog Find.


For me the best blog find has been blogging itself.  Mr E. starting blogging a long time ago as many geeks did.  Even Boy Child had started a blog a while ago but me, I never got the whole blogging thing.

Then I noticed a few people I ‘knew’ starting listing their blogs in their signatures so I followed the links and started reading.  And from there I followed links to other Blogs. Somehow I found NaBloPoMo about the same time as I started my blog (October 2009) and figured that would be a good way to motivated myself to blog consistently.  And it worked!

I think I follow almost 30 blogs and there are some I don’t follow as yet but read via people / blogs I follow so I figure I could be reading as many as 45 blogs!  Which I’m impressed with as somehow whatever I’m doing here people actually seem interested in.

Thus far some lovely people have given me 3 awards – two for blogging and one for commenting which is spectacular. I think it’s extra special as I’m not very funny or willing to be brave and share my emotions, or have any great insights into the human condition.

Maybe one day I will be braver or funnier, or more insightful (perhaps not about the human condition but about something) but until then thank you for hanging out with me and reading my drivel!

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