Thursday, 14 January 2010

Am I dumb or what?

So I started work on my 101 in 1001 aka the Day Zero Project.  Which I thought was a good thing. For those who don’t know what it’s about the website is here.

Now it’s school holidays here.  Almost 4 weeks down….a little over two weeks to go.  School shopping done, thankfully.  It did take three shopping expeditions and quite a bit of …… encouragement may be an appropriate word.

Back to School

That was for the new shoes (3 pairs), socks, T-shirts, shorts, school bags, lunch boxes, drink bottles and contact to cover the books once the book packs arrive at school.

So why out of the 67 things I have on my 101 list have I started the things I really, really need to survive school holidays?  Why did I think I could cut down on caffeine and give up chocolate?


Yes I have managed to stick to 3 caffeinated beverages at day, increased my water intake and had a chocolate free week.  Okay 5 days of temperatures in the  mid to high 30’s have really helped with the first two but seriously coffee and chocolate are my coping mechanisms.

What was I thinking?  However, tomorrow is looking good:


1 chocolate free week is done!

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Anonymous said...

I gave up coffee recently, drank the last bit and now there's no more. Not sure it was the smartest idea for me as it tends to keep me awake during the day. But giving up chocolate? I'm glad that you're doing it and not me. I'm seriously impressed at 1 week free of chocolate.


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