Monday, 21 December 2009

Early Christmas Wrap-up

We went away on the weekend to have early Christmas with the extended family.  Okay, my extended family.  My Grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousins, spouses, their cousins, their children etc.  All up 32 people! It sounds daunting but it was lovely.  Relaxing.

There was lots of food.  Good company.  No opening expensive bottles of wine as happened last year but it was nice.  The children all played together and there were no major issues. 

Well there was me raving about Oprah.  Yes I was raving about the  Jenny McCarthy Mother Warrior thing and then the O Magazine publishing an article which is less than supportive of Jenny McCarthy which I kind of find hypocritical.  Anyway I did rave at my cousin in law about this which was kind of funny in hindsight because he didn't know who Jenny McCarthy was or that Boy child had an ASD.  It was at that point he decided he needed to play table tennis.  Probably mostly to escape me! Poor B.

Anyway, the early Christmas was good catching up with relatives, watching children open presents and play together and just being. 

Then we went to stay at my Grandmothers over night.  Normally I’d watch the Carols but as we were guests I wasn't sure we were going to be able to.  Grandmother was happy to watch them with us so we all sat down to watch but Mr E. went to bed about 30 minutes in and Girl child  went to bed as soon as the children’s part was over.  I followed not long after that. We drove home again the next morning as Mr. E has lots of work on.   In fact he worked about 12 hours on Friday but still had time to pick up the DVD I wanted.  He didn’t want me to blog about what a bad husband he was he told me. The power of the blog!

So we came home.  Having seen a photo of myself with my grandmother I decided I was in dire need of a haircut.  I had also just been given Boy Child’s Christmas Wish list I figured it was my last chance of child free shop and I ran away to the shops.

One haircut (I no longer feel as though I am going to have a mullet – thank goodness) and some shopping later I was home.  Poor Boy child’s list was mostly unfulfilled but he has some more stuff now than I had for him.

Not long now and soon it will be 2010.  Time flies when you are having fun.

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