Wednesday, 30 December 2009

No resolutions just things I am grateful for…

New Years resolutions always end up being broken here and on glass half empty days that’s just another thing to beat myself up about.  So instead I thought I would make a list of random things for which I am grateful.

Here we go with the things that I am grateful for today, in no particular order just because I want it that way.

The internet – because without it all my lovely readers would not know me and I would not know them.  And that would be sad.



ModCons, especially Washing machines. I’m not sure that I am cut out to wash clothes by hand.  Especially if that involves beating clothes on rocks but the nearest river.

Medical / Vet Care. This year Girl Child had her adenoids removed and now at age 6 sleeps through the night.  Smiley Dog has had chronic ear infections since he was a pup but this year it has been BAD.  As regular readers would know he has had a major operation to fix that issue.  So I am grateful that we have medical and vet care.

My children. While some days (especially school holidays - LOL) the kids do my head in, I am extremely grateful that I have two reasonably healthy, happy children. I am privileged to be about to see them grow and change into wonderful adults.

Books.  I love to read and really appreciate a good book.  Okay I even appreciate not so good books really it’s just the story and hopefully happily ever after that I enjoy.



What are some things are you grateful for?  My list is just short today.  There are so many other things that are on my list but as I don't want to bore you so that’s it for now. 


Clarissa said...

I am also grateful for books :) Also audio books, tasty food, friends (who spent an entire helping me with my field work), my boyfriend (who calls me every day) and family. I am also grateful for the weather which made sure it didn't rain on tuesday

DarNonymous said...

Checking in from sunny NZ & WOAH have I got alot of your posts to catch up on!!!
Great post!
I'm grateful for too many things to put in a comment, so lets just go with my kids & my sweet as new husband (first time I've said that. Ha!


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