Saturday, 14 November 2009

I am so not cut out to be a Dancing Mum

Girl Child decided last year to do dance.  She did Jazz Ballet and it was all good until the end of year concert. 

Firstly there was the costume.  Sequins needed to be sewn on.  Thankfully I had people offer to help me and also to tell me I could pay someone to do the sequinning.  Sequinning – my definition: adding those pretty, sparkling shiny things (like those below) to material so it looks good on stage.



I was so grateful when I discovered that Girl Child’s costume was needed for a troupe performance and some other mother had put the sequins on for us!  Hurray!!

Next issue: I can’t apply make on myself let alone a (then) 5 year old girl.   And I needed to get Girl child’s dead straight hair into curls.  Again people took pity on me for this and I went to a friends house and she showed me how to do the makeup and the hair.  We did practices at home myself and I worked out that the rollers had to be in over night wit lots of hair product to actually stay in for more than a few hours.

Unfortunately I still wasn't good at the whole makeup thing. Let’s just say that Boy Child thinks Girl Child’s photos from last year make her look like the Joker.  And quite frankly I have to agree with him.




It’s the bad blush job that does it.  The eyes were not bad at all if I say so myself but the blush… yes it did make her look a little like Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight.

This year Girl child is again doing Jazz  and Tap as well.  Boy child decided to dance too and ended up doing Funk / Hip-hop.

It’s that time of year again.  In fact the photos for dance are tomorrow.  Costumes this year required minimal intervention form me.  Hurray!  All I have had to do is sew some press studs and a number on one of Girl Childs Costumes and I need to do some hemming on pants for Boy Child.  Unfortunately the photos are tomorrow morning and I still have some sewing to do.  I did do most of the the sewing myself despite people offering once they noticed how slow and inept I was at it.  I only let someone help with the last quarter of the number only because it had taken me an hour to get as far as I had and I think it must have been pretty painful watching me if you actually have sewing talent / ability.

Thankfully the hair for Girl child is fairly easy (no curls!) and I managed that with only one practice.  The makeup is my major downfall but with two practises and using eye shadow as blush because I can’t find blush that suits I think we have got it.  Photos are in the morning so I will go off to finish the sewing shortly.

I have heard that Little Athletics badges can be painful to sew on and some martial arts have patches as well.  Is there any sport / team thing for children that doesn’t involve Sewing or makeup?  Maybe I could get them into swimming.  Surely there is no sewing involved it that…. is there?


Melissa said...

I'd be totally lost. I cannot sew so much as a button. Forget sequins and pretty outfits.

solnushka said...

I'm not sure that my son will be joining any extra curricular activities that require sewing. Scouts though mayne? Surely there's a badge for sewing? That and washing up. I plan to take it very easy once he can reach the sink.

I'm sorry to tell you that I have upstairs a swiming suit that is covered with sewn on badges. My mother's work, needless to say.


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