Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday – Dance photo day

After confessing to the world,  okay only you my gentle readers (I have this bizarre need to add a cackling laugh after that – luckily for you I can overcome that urge!), about my lack of sewing and makeup experience I thought I would post how the day unfolded.
We did makeup and hair and got to the dance studio. The photos were done and Boy child indulged me and cooperated so I could get a photo of both my gorgeous children together.
I ended up finishing the sewing about 12.15 am which was that late because I needed to do my blog post for yesterday to stay in the NaBloPoMo.  And of course it took much longer as did yesterday’s blog post because I was doing stuff after 9.30 pm which seems to be my deadline for my brain functioning at my version of normality.
So one day you may see photos of my beautiful children dressed up for their dance concert which is now on in less than 2 weeks. 
On the down side:
Girl child’s blood noses since 2.30 pm  today – 3
Dr appointment in less than an hour.  Second one in  54 hours (not 30 – I was confused).

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solnushka said...

Here's to the doc doing something about the bleeding.


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