Thursday, 18 February 2010

Doing my head in…

Boy child that is.  His Aspie-ness is in full flight at the moment.  Or maybe it’s just I’m tired and grumpy.

Girl child has only slept through the night 4 times since the week before school went back.  I am worried about my friend W.  And I don’t know – the anniversary of my mothers death, the one for my Dad is next month, needing to do stuff but just not motivated, etc, etc.

A few weeks ago I was actually wondering if I had done Boy Child a disservice by getting a diagnosis for him.  Most people just think he is quirky and I’m not about to tell them differently if it isn't relevant to his or their lives.  Maybe that’s the wrong way to go about it but that’s what we have done and I don't know if it’s wrong or right or whatever.

So what is Boy child doing that is doing my head in? Nothing major just small stuff.  Here are things from yesterday.

The rant about Queenie the elephant from the Melbourne zoo.  And how it wasn't her fault the trainer died and then they put her down etc, etc.  I actually agree with him but he wouldn’t let it go!

He started a 5 week Yoga / Meditation course for ASD kids.  So he had to wear loose clothing.  This was another discussion – those track pants are too short, these are school ones, my shorts stretch, etc.  Obviously the clothes he can wear at the moment has again changed and I (because he will only shop for shirts) need to go and buy clothes he will wear.  Refusal to wear shoes.  Whatever…

I explained that there could be kids there like the boy he had in his class in Year 3 who he did not get on with.  Mainly due to the touching, pants dropping and other behaviours Boy Child couldn't cope with.  His response “Oh great they are all going to be like him aren’t they?”  No mate, they could be like you but they could be touchy – feely.  “Well I hope they are like me!”  Get there and he walks straight into a room (luckily it’s the correct one) and apparently says to the kid next to him: “So do you have Aspergers?” I think we need to work on tact again.

He really doesn’t like the class. They made him touch his ears and massage his feet.  All not good for a touch sensitive boy. He said he wanted to do this course… it was billed as  teaching children how to focus their attention when they need to and how to recognise when they are going off-course. They will start to learn how to relax and how to control their bodies. He wanted to do it.

I explained that it was hopefully going to help him relax and maybe get to sleep. “I don’t have problems getting to sleep.” What about the holidays when you were still awake at 2 am? “I do sleep before 2 am.  I’ve been to sleep earlier the week before school went back.”  Yeah okay…. that’s why you are often still up at midnight. Technically he is right 12am is earlier than 2am. But the hair splitting is getting to me.

Then there was the conversation about religion started by a discussion of someone with a cross on their head for Ash Wednesday.  “Well my religion is anti-religion!”  This is were I unfortunately channel my mother.  It’s not what you said it’s how you said it.  So smugly.  That is rude.  Argh.

This mornings discussion is about band.  He plays a large instrument and is expected to take the mouthpiece from his instrument and play the schools instrument.  But no.  I have to take the instrument to school and take it down to his building because he doesn't like the school one.  Apparently it’s old, dented, dirty and smells! So he refuses to touch it. I have enough trouble getting Girl Child to school and I have to take this instrument as well?  Arghhh…

This afternoon I am going to find the band teacher and see if we can take the school instrument home and wash it.  Maybe then I wouldn’t be stuck lugging the huge thing around school every week.

As I said it’s all small stuff.  Maybe I’m too permissive.  Maybe it’s just because I’m tired and grumpy but seriously I am over it. 

And now I am going to have a nap!


Madmother said...

do we live in the same house? Only difference is I have another boy and no girl.

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

That's beyond trying, but wow, you're doing such an amazing job. Enjoy your nap xx

Clarissa said...

Wow. Seems like you are really not having a great time at the moment. I hope you enjoy your nap!!!

Jen said...

Wow! I have a smaller, not so articulate one of the same model right here! I know that it is trying and that you are feeling it atm but I wanted to tell you that this post filled me with joy. Not for all that you are going through, but because reading it is a mirror image to my life atm and I feel so so so good to know that it is not just me in the world fielding 'discussions' such as this every second of the day and not just me getting frustrated and tired out by it all! (I now know how you and MM feel when reading my posts about K, I hope that makes sense, it is freeing in a way, to know that this is not just him but also the Aspie talking)

E. said...

Thank you for the comments. It's good to know I am not alone struggling with this!

I had a nice nap and now it's time for bed. :)

Anella said...

Oh dear, like I said in the last post, your doing a great job being a mother! Your last few blog posts haven't been very 'happy' if you get me & I do hope they get better soon :(
Have a good nights sleep & see what tomorrow brings - hope it's a better day for you! xx

Anella said...

Oh & I have commented on your earlier posts too - I'm sorry I haven't been on Blogger for a while! I'm having a serious catch up of everyones blogs at the minute! x


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