Sunday, 29 November 2009

Pseudo self sufficiency

Now those who asked about the Easiyo.  I have only made the Strawberry one and I like it.  I like the the idea of having fresh yoghurt without having to boil the milk etc.  Plus there is a way of using some of the previous batch to make the next batch but I’m not sure how that would work with the flavoured yoghurts.  I will need to investigate that.

There were a few reasons I bought the Easiyo.  Girl child has had a fair few antibiotics in the last month and I thought she may need the good stuff in the yoghurt to help keep her tummy happy with good bacteria.

It was also so she would get involved with making the yoghurt.  and I was hoping she stop asking for whichever her favourite character yoghurt was that week / fortnight.  Whoever decided to market food with characters on it must have been declared a marketing genius.

It also means we will have less of the those little yoghurt containers in the recycling or stuff on things around the house as some sort of 6 year olds art project. and I use the term art very loosely in that context.

Plus it’s a step to pseudo self sufficiency.

Girl Child has developed a passion for planting and harvesting.  So earlier we planted potatoes and she regularly asks when we can harvest them.  We have also been given some herbs and I purchased some seeds so just maybe we can be slightly self sufficient and not be so consumerist.  We have a patch of weeds that both Mr E and Girl child have talked about making into an orchard or a vegetable patch or both.  Unfortunately if either of those happened (which I am actually in support of - just not the 3 years or so of why isn't there any fruit, when can I pick x, y or z) I feel as though it’s just another thing that will become my responsibility and that I will dismally fail at.  Just like the house work, cooking and other domestic stuff. 

So that’s the dream of pseudo self sufficiency and the little voice saying Fail! Fail!

I am tired, have a headache and seriously want to go back to bed but we are due at a BBQ in 90 or so minutes so I have to get ready for that. Whinge, whine, whinge, whine….maybe some WINE will help?  Paracetamol didn't!


Anonymous said...

I have illusions of self sufficiency too. I don;t have a yoghurt making machine, but I do have a breadmaker (in the cupboard under a lot of stuff) and my starter for sourdough last died about a year ago and I haven't made a new one yet. I also planted herbs this summer. I now have six planers on the balcony filled with scraggy looking sticks.

This is not helpful, is it. Tell you what, you keep using the yoghurt maker, I'll get the breadmaker out and dust it off and you get your family to plant an orchard not a veg patch, while I'll repot the two herb plants that look as though they might revive and we'll both promise not to take up knitting

Cate P said...

whine... and then wine, and then a bit more wine, always works for me


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