Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I’m impressed with Whining and all you readers out there.

You may have read this post where I was happy to have had an international reader and 2 followers.  Well now I have 6 followers and I have had people read my blog from all over the place.  I love the little FEEDJIT map down there which has pretty dots from all over the world:  Malaysia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, the USA, Canada, and of course my lone reader from Switzerland.
So I would like to say thanks for reading my blog,  It’s nice to see the little dots on the map and to read your comments.  I have a warm, fuzzy feeling when someone comments on my blog.  It’s kind of like eating chocolate…. ummmm  okay that’s an exaggeration. Maybe its a little like choosing chocolate? The excitement and expectation of what is too come.  Yes, I am talking about the blog please keep your minds out of the gutter if that’s where they went.
Thank you everyone, thanks for visiting, thanks for the your comments and thanks for keeping me motivated during the NaBloPoMo. 
Maybe soon I’ll actually be confident with what I’m doing here in Blogland and I may even get motivated enough to change from this basic black background.
Here’s to us!  Oh and it can be non-alcoholic if you would like it to be!  Cheers!


Anella said...

I'm so glad I joined NaBloPoMo, because I have come across so many great blogs! I've had a lot more people read my blog - but still just one follower lol - but it makes me happy too when you get a comment! It just makes you realise that you haven't written for nothing...
You should definitely get a new Background going on here =P

Melissa said...

I'm so thrilled that you've started blogging. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm loving how international NaBloPoMo is.
[I also follow your blog, but silently. Like a ninja.]


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