Tuesday, 24 November 2009


I was reading this over at Say Something Stacey when I was reminded of something.  I love looking at dresses.  Mostly summer dresses.  And generally red dresses. Maybe I was influenced by Chris de Burgh’s song Lady in Red.
In fact this was one I was looking at today at Rockmans only in garnet rather than the chocolate.58869[1] I also like this:

And this from Myer:
Now if you ever actually met me you would know there are some issues with this.
Firstly – It is very rare that I go anywhere where I would be required to or even want to dress up.  Generally I will wear a dress to our work Christmas Dinner or to a wedding or perhaps a funeral.  Thankfully funerals are few and far between and all my cousins and friends are married.  We did go to a wedding in March and one in November last year but they likely to be the last ones we go to in a long time.
I have no life and unless you count our work dinner I have not been on a date with my husband in about 3 years or maybe more. So I look at these dresses and dream of Mr E. and I going out and having a proper adult dinner, just the two of us somewhere we can dress up and have adult conversation.
And maybe just maybe dancing… which would more likely be just swaying in each others arms. LOL.
Secondly – I’m so not a girly girl.  I’m sure my post about not being cut out to be a dancing Mum probably gave you that idea.  But it gets worse than that. I would probably spend about 99.9 per cent of my time when I’m not at home in jeans mostly with t-shirts and joggers.  Occasionally I dress up and where boots and a shirt / blouse but generally its jeans and t-shirts.  And to make matters even more woeful they are mostly IT (yes Mr E. is an geek) t-shirts that Mr E. has been given or outgrown along the way.
And finally I refuse to buy any clothes past a certain size.  And so I probably need there to be less of me in order to fit into a dress like those above comfortably without flashing my umm ‘assets’ at everyone.  Unless of course they have changed the size of clothing and the magic number I refuse to go past now fits perfectly.
Oh I can dream can’t I?


Clarissa said...

I totally like the first dress also!! I have a similar dilemna to you - I mostly wear baggy trousers and t-shirts every day...don't wear pretty skirts/dresses often. But I buy them for what ifs...I have dresses in my cupboard I still havn't worn after at least a year!!

saysomethingstacey said...

I love the last dress it's adorable!! I'm happy to share my dress enthusiasm anytime hehe!


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