Wednesday, 25 November 2009

White Ribbon Day

Today is International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The website is here.
I have noticed that 2 people on my Blogroll have blogs on this topic today. Melissa’s is here.  Renay’s story is here. I’m sorry if I have missed anyone.
Ten Common Myths and Misconceptions
Myth 1: Violence against women is an
issue that only concerns women.

Myth 2: There is nothing we can do to
stop violence against women.

Myth 3: Women should just remove
themselves from abusive

Myth 4: Some people deserve to be
beaten by provoking the violence.

Myth 5: against women only occurs in
specific groups.

Myth 6: Violent people are mentally ill
or have psychopathic personalities.

Myth 7: Some people need the
violence, enjoy it or are addicted to it.

Myth 8: Violence against women is
caused by drugs and/or alcohol.

Myth 9: Violence only happens to a
certain sort of woman.

Myth 10: Violence only affects a small
number of Australian women. 

Please click on the link to debunk the myths.

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