Friday, 20 November 2009

When dinner is disgusting order Pizza

It’s been quite hot here for November. Today was the second day of 37 and above (98.6 degrees F).  Other parts of the country have had it hotter for longer and I feel sorry for them.  And I hope that the bushfires currently raging are under control soon.
So due to the heat (no we don’t have air conditioning) and this evening for dinner my plan was to make a stir fry.  Unfortunately Girl child had her own plan and asked me to make a pizza so being the sucker I am I said okay.  What do you do at 6.30 at night when it is 34 degrees outside (that's 93.2 degrees F)? Make pizza. Gluten Free ham and pineapple pizza to be precise. Now this was an odd choice as Girl child doesn’t like pineapple but I went along with it as I wanted to try out my Chef’s Toolbox Pizza Stone which I had bought months ago because I am a sucker and always buy stuff at those party plan things. So if you know me in real life or ever meet me.  Please take pity on me and don’t invite me to our party plan events.  I feel obligated to buy stuff that generally I don’t need and probably won’t use. Here is a picture of the Pizza Stone and pizza cutter and I was going to use.
Unfortunately our pizza did not turn out like that.  It was square and lets just say I wouldn’t be wanting to repeat the experience in the short term.  Girl Child pretty much only ate the ham and cheese and it was my fault that that there was pineapple on the pizza.
Now this where the title of my post comes in.  I am somewhat lacking skills in the domestic goddess side of things.  So when Mr E and I got engaged and moved in together (shacked up, lived in sin, co-habited - choose the term you deem most appropriate) we had this rule that if dinner was disgusting, inedible or just yuk whoever had cooked had to buy pizza.  Since than I have been diagnosed Coeliac so that doesn’t work anymore but we still refer to the pizza rule.  Tonight would definitely be a buy Pizza night.
I am seriously considering going and buying ice cream because it’s still almost 31 degrees and we have none in the house.  And it might help to take the disgusting taste out of my mouth.  Note to self: You need to buy a decent brand of GF Pizza base!


DarNonymous said...

Ok everyone's Blog that I'm reading lately is mentioning that there's a coeliac or GF person in the family (including mine), it is becoming so common. I'm seriously thinking there may be a bizness in GF home delivery!

E. said...

Oh yeah I would love, love, love to be able to get GF home delivery! Any type of food? Thai is generally coeliac frendly as are indian and mexican. Pizza and pasta home delivery would be great! LOL

Stacie said...

It's nice to "meet" you! I am looking forward to reading more!

In my current town, we have at least 2 pizza places (I think) that have gluten free pizza. It seems that it's starting to catch on more and more here. It is more expensive than the regular pizza, though. Has it been incredibly hard to adjust to the GF diet? I think it would be so hard!

shtickless2 said...

Tres impressed with you keeping up with the blog posting...much better than my pissweak efforts!

Yes, how's the heat? Cerazy! Although it's certainly much better her in Melbourne and right now the smell of the recent rain is heavenly :)


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