Thursday, 26 November 2009

Thursday 26 November Thanksgiving

Americans celebrate thanksgiving today and I have noticed a fair whack of blogs which are about being Thankful. So always one to jump on to a Blogging bandwagon I thought perhaps I should join in. So my list of 5 things that I am thankful for – in no particular order will follow. Please note: some maybe be deep and meaningful and some may be light and fluffy. They could also change depending on my mood.

Good Health

Yep I am mostly healthy, and my family is mostly healthy too. While Girl Child’s recovery from her adenoidectomy wasn’t as smooth as it could have been, it could have been a LOT worse. Boy Child’s asthma has been playing up a little but not enough to need a Dr, Prednisone or Hospital.

Family and Friends

My own little family is made up of Mr E., Boy Child, Girl Child and Me. A nice neat little nuclear family.  My birth / family I grew up in is messy with steps, halves, possible halves and fosters. Clear as mud right?

Anyway it’s only been recently when I have actually been able to be in contact with my sister.  Which is nice but kind of weird. Now as adults, we are finally able to have a relationship. So I am thankful for being able to have a relationship with her and with my extended family.

I also have friends. A small number but still I have them. People I can and sometimes even will talk to about stuff.


Mr E. and I both have jobs. Given the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) there have been job losses but we haven’t been affected.  In fact I don’t think I know anyone IRL who has lost their job. Then again see the number of friends I have.

Gluten Free Lollies

Recently I have discovered GF lollies.  Not just a jubes or sour worms which i have found in the past but lovely 1 kg bags of mixed lollies.  Bananas, snakes, jelly babies, strawberries and cream…. umm I’m getting hungry now.  I thought they were going off the market so I saved a bag in the wardrobe.  Then I discovered they were being sold in a different shop but I need to see if they have continued to stock them.  GF lollies that even taste okay for normal people.  Really something to be thankful for!!!

Mr E. being a geek

If Mr E. wasn’t a geek then I wouldn’t have this shiny little laptop on which to play.  I won’t be blogging because it wouldn’t really have occurred to me.  And then I won’t have met all the interesting people who’s blogs I read and who read mine.

So with that I will leave you.  I hope those celebrating Thanksgiving have a great day.  For those of us who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving have a great day /evening no matter what you do! 


Clarissa said...

Being thankful for "Mr E being a geek" i can totally relate to. The laptop I am currently typing on is one of the many spares my boyfriend has and is mine for the year :) :)And he has organised a way to have ultra cheap phone calls to Antartica for me :)

Melissa said...

Ah, our beautiful nerdy husbands. Smart is sexy, you know.


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