Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Putting things in perspective

Just little niggling things like a ‘discussion’ with a child about what flavour antihistamine they have been given, having to lug a large musical instrument around the school because renovations mean the easy way is now blocked off or waiting in the bank for 20 minutes only to be told that you can’t do what you were told you can do on the phone last week because rates etc have changed. 
And Stupid (yes it deserves a capital S) things like deciding to walk to school to pick up the the children from school without realising it’s 33.7 degrees!  Those were just some examples of what happened today but as I said just little niggling things.  None of which probably wouldn't have bugged me so much if I hadn’t gotten home form being company for a friend just before midnight.
So I was frustrated and did my usual coffee and chocolate comfort eat thing.  Today’s was a GF Chocolate Chip muffin from Muffin Break.
I got home to fine this gorgeous post from the lovely Melissa.  Thanks so much for that, it was beautiful and made my day.
But it was life itself that of course gave me a wake up call.
Finding out that a baby who recently had surgery is back in hospital.  It’s been almost 12 months of struggling for that beautiful little girl who really needs a break, as does her family particularly her Mum.
Then there was this post from Madmother about the fragility of life.  I could have sworn I had commented on that post but that’s not the point.
And finally there was finding out that a Face book friend’s Grandmother had died today.
So while I was tired because I had been with my friend who’s sister could have died on the weekend and has a long road to recovery, my issues could be fixed with coffee, chocolate and knowing someone was thinking of me. And that put everything into perspective for me.


Melissa said...

I'm sorry you'd had a bad day. What insturment does the girl child play?

I've never been a category in someone's blog before, lol! <3

E. said...

Bad day infinitely better than the ones others had that day.

It's Boy child and he plays the TUBA!


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