Monday, 9 November 2009

Nothing to say here… move along

Tonight I have nothing.  Nothing to say to you, nothing to say to the children except “why are you out of bed?” for what feels like the millionth time.

So far Girl Child has come out because:

She can’t sleep x 3,

Her brother sat on her and now her legs hurt,

Her legs still hurt,

Her knees don’t hurt but the rest of her legs do, and the one just a moment ago:  This is the colour of the sneeze I just did Mum.

Now the colour of the sneeze was actually important given the adenoidectomy because if she starts having blood I'd like to know about it.

Brief interlude as Girl Child comes out YET again this time because no one has checked on her.  BRB after checking on Girl Child.

Back again.  She is re-tucked in and goodnights have been said yet again.

Boy Child was up because:

He needed a tissue x 3,

His pyjamas are too short.  And they freeze his ankles. He needs to find new ones.  Well those ones weren’t too short yesterday.

He is hungry and thirsty.

Okay both children out of bed again to go to the toilet.


This is not a normal occurrence in our house anymore and I’m no sure what has set it off tonight perhaps they have realised I have hit don’t give a damn. 

Not sure why I have hit don’t give a damn.  Maybe the time of year, maybe this cold (yes whining again), maybe the work both paid and voluntary I need to do, maybe nothing.   I haven’t had chocolate in a few days that could explain it.


Okay why did I just explain asylum / asylum seekers to my 11 year old who is SUPPOSED to be asleep? Probably because he asked and I’m a sucker.  He is back in bed again. I hope.


Where was I? Oh that’s right - no chocolate!  I’m supposed to be getting healthy and fit and cleaning up around this place but it’s not really happening.  Although yesterday I was motivated enough to wash take the dogs down to the car wash and wash them. 

Here are two clean dogs.  And yes they are different dogs.





I also cleaned the rabbits house.  As Boy Child would say: Go me!

Okay bed time for me before the children decide to visit me again.


Good night all.  Sleep well.


Melissa said...

Get some chocolate. Have some for me, since I'm not allowed anymore.

I like Lindt Red, or Cadbury Plain. Let me know when you've done it and at least I'll feel better, lol!

Anonymous said...

So when did you finally get to sleep?

E. said...

Melissa - I wish I had read this comment earlier. Cadbury Dairy Milk works for me. Maybe when I venture out tomorrow I should get some! I'm more than happy to eat your share as well as mine. :)

Rammi - It was probably about midnight. Then Girl Child had a blood nose about 30 minutes later. These things happen.


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