Thursday, 26 November 2009

Thursday 26 November Thanksgiving – Part 2

I thought I should acknowledge Stacey who inspired the previous post.

Stacey’s post What Are You Thankful For?  I know there were others too but I can't find them anymore so just a big shout to out to everyone who had thankful posts.

As I said that my 5 could change at any moment will here is my revised list of things I am currently thankful for:




Love, and finally

A nice comfortable bed where I am about to go and get some sleep.

Your normal programming will resume shortly.


Yes sometimes I am so silly I even annoy myself.


Melissa said...

I'm planning to do a type of gratitude journal - posting something I'm grateful for every day next month. You should join me. ;-)

E. said...

Only if I am allowed to be grateful for coffee, chocolate and whatever other vices I have each day! Or perhaps not. LOL.


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