Sunday, 22 November 2009

Life…. sometimes it sucks and sometimes it doesn’t

Yes you read it right some parts of today in the world of E. sucks.

Why?  Well lets start with the fact that Smiley Dog has an ear infection.  Now Smiley Dog has had bad ears since birth.  But this ear infection has absolutely sucked for him poor boy. His ears have been a mess on and off since March. Last night when I was doing the regular ear stuff he cried.  More like yelped. Smiley Dog does not yelp.  Smiley Dog is happy 99% of the time even when his ears are grungy and gross.


This morning during ear cleaning there was blood.  Oh (insert appropriate swear word here). But Smiley Dog was happy and not a sound which seemed to be an excellent sign. Rang Vet and got an appointment.  Excellent. 

Got ready to take Smiley Dog to Vet and picked up my phone.  Had a text message from last night that I’d missed. A friend’s sister has had a bleed on her brain last night and is having surgery this morning. Oh (insert appropriate swear word here) again. When I am away from home my phone is almost always in the pocket of my jeans.  It’s very rare that I do not have it on me.  When I’m at home the phone could be anywhere, on the bench, on my desk or forgotten in the car.  I missed my friends message for 14 hours.  ARGGHHHH! Fortunately the surgery has now gone well which is excellent news. so here’s something to toast with.  Or to drown your sorrows / stresses.


Anyway get Smiley Dog to the vet and the blood was likely to be from scratching himself or maybe a grass seed that has now come out.  I mention that Girl Child had surgery and ended up with an infection etc so I haven't been as proactive about Smiley Dogs meds as I should have been. The lovely vet said that's completely understandable! That’s nice.  Because I do feel guilty about Smiley Dog.  But with Girl Childs issues Smiley Dog has been on the back burner a little.  So back to Smiley Dog.  He recently had blood allergy tests done to work out what he was allergic to if that’s what is causing the ear infection.  Unfortunately it seems that he is allergic to lots of things. I made the comment ”so he’s allergic to life, is he?” and the answer was “pretty much”.  Yeah it was just an off the cuff comment and response but seriously? We had seen an specialist from interstate about Smiley Dog and the results have been forwarded to her so at the moment we are just waiting for her to get back to us.  Plan - we need to just tweak his meds bit and he needs to go back in 10 days. 

On the plus side Girl Child’s blood noses finally stopped on Thursday night.  She had had after at least 1 a day (but mostly 3 every day) except for 2 days out of 8.  Maybe we are finally out of the woods and the adenoid beds are healing.

Life is all about stuff – some stuff sucks and some stuff doesn’t.  I’m glad Girl Child has stopped having blood noses but sad about Smiley Dog’s worsening ears and less than impressive allergy test results.   Most of all I’m devastated about my friends sister and I hope she can get of ICU in the near future (next few days maybe)and continues to recover.

Some days chocolate doesn't help much…


DarNonymous said...

Oh I'm so sorry, I hate when I haven't read my Blog reader for a cpl days & I see something awful's happened & just a nice comment here & there might've picked up the person's spirits just a little. :(
Hoping everyone is doing alot better. Big hugs!

Stacie said...

Oh my goodness! It sounds like you have a lot going on. I hope everything gets better!

Anonymous said...

I'd never thought of animals as having allergies, but of course they do. Poor Smiley Dog. Good news about Girl Child though.


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