Thursday, 19 November 2009

Well I changed my blog layout

But I couldn’t make the one I wanted work so I guess i will need to learn what to do before I can really beautiful the blog.  I think maybe it has something to do with html vs xml vs some thing I just don't understand.  So while I have changed from the dark side I still haven't gotten something I’m very happy with at the moment.
November 19 – So far I have made 19 posts in 19 days.  Almost long enough to create a habit.  I’m hoping I will continue this once the NaBloPoMo because in some ways I’m actually thinking this whole blogging thing could be cathartic. 
I love the fact that I have found so many blogs to read through NaBloPoMo and Blog This.  I love the way bloggers can be anyone anywhere from children (like Boy Child who hasn’t updated his blog in at least 12 months that I know of) or teenagers to people like Olive Riley who when she died in 2008 aged 108 was probably the world’s oldest blogger.
what I have been doing though is blogging fairly late at night at times when I probably have  a whole lot to say but not the words or typing ability to express it.  That’s something I will have to work on going forward. 
I received an email last week from NaBloPoMo about IComLeavWe.  It’s a week where you leave comments for 5 blogs and reply to comments on your blog every day.  So a total of 6 comments a day unless you are going for Iron Commentor which is commenting on everyone’s blog who is signed up that month.  Signing up closes on 21st of each month so there are 2 days left if you want to join that.
Well that’s it for now.  Good night.


emily said...

I have really enjoyed finding and meeting new people too! - like you ... I like your blog title and thanks for the encouragement!

Anonymous said...

You seem to have taken the words right out of my head. I've loved reading other people's blogs, and am hoping to continue this daily blogging after NaBloPoMo too.
Signed up for IComLeaveWe, but I'm scared. :P


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