Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Mr E. implied my last post was a cheating blog post so…..

What does he expect? Pages of me waxing lyrical about some IT thing that is meaningless in my life?  No wait that’s what he does. Except there aren't meaningless in his life there are his life!  Actually I am pretty surprised that he is still reading my blog because it is probably one of the few non technical / non IT blogs on his list.
Umm so what to write about that isn’t perceived as cheating or not a real blog post. Life, the Universe, everything?  Well that would take a while so…perhaps I should indulge in some navel gazing.
This week over at Blog This they have had photography challenge entitled Old.  Now aside from the fact that my photographic skills are pretty much nil, I wouldn’t really be sure what Old thing I could take a photo of and so I didn’t do that particular challenge.  What got me though was the number of people who spoke about their parents.  Now some referred to their parents who are now deceased like Melissa and others like Cate P. wrote of parents who are still alive.
So Parents… both my mum and dad are dead.  Now I’m not saying that for the sympathy vote or anything just letting you know.  Dad had Parkinson's and died of a heart attack back when Boy child was 5 months old. It’s interesting to read that Parkinson's sufferers may have had head trauma.  When Dad was younger, still a teenager, he was a boxer.  So like Muhammad Ali he developed Parkinson's in later life.  Not that Dad was ever a world class boxer like Ali but I remember Dad telling me that he had done okay for himself.
Mum died much more recently, in 2007.  She had Motor Neurone Disease and her death certificate says her death was due to respiratory failure.  She had been diagnosed for 13 months when she died.  I have no real memory of how long Dad had been sick for before he died.  Most of the first year of so of Boy Child’s life is a blur.  And my parents did the old we won’t tell you there is anything wrong to protect you. 
I’m still not sure how that protects someone because if people are like me and I suspect something is wrong I pretty much jump to the worst conclusion.  There’s a saying Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  I’m sort of prepare for the worst because if the news was going to be good someone probably would have told you. I”m so not a glass half full type of person.  Although if it’s got alcohol in it I may make an exception! Just me begin a smart arse there.  In reality i rarely drink Alcohol.  Although some days I do think about taking it up as a hobby but I don't really like the taste.
Ummm I was about to get Deep and Meaningful there and wax lyrical(sorry I like this term today) about my childhood and genetics possibly being the cause of my negativity but quite frankly its getting closer to midnight and I am tired. So I think I should go to bed now.  Day 18 of the NaBloPoMo down!


Melissa said...

Amazing, E. Mum's MND was 13months from diagnosis too.

Cate P said...

I am the same as you : tell me the truth so I can deal with it. Don't protect me or omit information, as my worry gene and imagination are my worst enemies.
I like people to let me know what's going on.... and then pass me the glass half full so I can drink it :P


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