Thursday, 9 June 2011

It’s all perception

Remember how I started seeing a new bloke? Well, during the week I started to get a little buyer’s remorse when it came to him.  You see, he sent me for blood tests but then there was no feedback.  And that made me bloody a little frustrated.  I felt that I had moved from one Dr who never got back to me to another who, while being good looking and much more approachable (aka Dr Jesse in honour of photo of Jesse Spencer in my previous Dr post), was just the same.

To make matters worse in my mind, I then discovered that my test results had been at the surgery since last week but I had been told that they weren’t all there.  However, when I checked again a few days later, the person I spoke to explained that some tests were combined and the results had been back all along!  So, I made an appointment to see Dr Jesse and stewed on the miscommunication.  Stewed and stewed and maybe, just maybe some ranting occurred.

Mr E. offered to come to the appointment with me, mostly because his perception was I would go off at Dr Jesse or that I would burst into tears.  Thankfully I did neither. I took some deep breaths and did the adult thing, I behaved like a grown up.

Dr Jesse was really nice. He doesn't need to see me unless getting into the specialist he is sending me to will take more than 8 weeks.  Plus, all I have to do to get the medication re-prescribed is call.  Sweet! I had painted him with the same brush as Dr Hopeless but really it was just my negative perception. Funny how once I was there and talking to him I was no longer annoyed with him.

A few people I have told that will take weeks to possibly months to get into the specialist are unimpressed.  To them it’s a sign that the health system is broken. To me that fact that I have finally been referred is a relief.  That there is someone else I can see is a bonus.  Now I’ve got a better, more positive attitude.

You see, sometimes it’s all in the perception.


Suzi said...

Yay! I'm really happy you have been referred and are now able to have a positive outlook about it :) I hope your wait time is nice and short!

Kakka said...

So glad you got your referral and that Dr Jesse hasn't been all bad.

You are right about perception, it is all the way we look at it, and our mindset at the time.

Hope you are soon in wonderful health, wonderful spirits and live is treating you right, rather than knocking you around like it is.

Love Mr E's concern, he is a good man.


Sam-O said...

I always take the approach that if I expect a long waiting time and it's less, I have something to be glad about.

Lately it's been a pleasant surprise every time I have made one. The Occ Therapy and speech pathologist were both available due to cancellations the following week! I was expecing 6 weeks... WIN!

I hope the specialist has some solutions for you!

Leanne said...

Ah yes, that perception is a fabulous thing (once you know how to work it)

E. said...

Thanks people.

I too hope the wait will be short and that I get some answers (and some really cool pain relief!).

Now I hope my perception of life stays positive.

Oh, yes Mr E. is a keeper.


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